A couple of meat-eaters try vegan food at Ely’s

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A couple of meat-eaters try vegan food at Ely’s

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On Thursday, we headed to the vegan restaurant Ely’s on Western Reserve Rd. in Poland.

We weren’t really sure what to expect because neither of us are vegans, but we were both willing to try it. It was about 20 minutes away, but an easy drive. It’s in a little plaza with other shops, much smaller than we expected. Inside was super cute. It’s very modern and aesthetically pleasing with black walls and wooden accents. There were several different seating areas for people to chill and eat. They had shelves making up a little market full of plant based goodies. Everything there was so different and eco friendly. They had things like boxed water bottles, rice straws, and vegan jerky.

When we went up to order, we didn’t realize that it was a “to-go” place, so the cashier directed us to the microwave they had set up for people who wanted to stay and eat. I thought that was really cool, I’ve never seen another place around here offer something like that. So we heated up our vegan chili and found a cozy spot to eat.

The chili was actually really good. It was honestly just like regular chili I’m used to, minus the ground meat. Kaelyn and I were big fans.

Kaelyn also got a watermelon lemonade. It came with one of the rice straws which was awesome, but the drink itself was kind of ehh. I got one of the boxed waters, you can’t go wrong with that! I would definitely go back to try more.

The cashier told us that they offer different things everyday – just check their Instagram to find out, because they don’t offer paper menus, obviously!

Overall, we think Ely’s is awesome and everyone should give it a try. Go green!

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