Why I dress up every day, and why you should, too

For five days a week for about nine-ish months a year, I wake up everyday at six a.m. to get ready.

When I say “get ready,” I don’t mean just throwing on a hoodie and some sweatpants and then jolting out the door. I mean putting on a full face of makeup, straightening or curling my hair, and putting on a nice shirt and a skirt.

I know somebody somewhere is gagging at what I just said.

Believe me, I get the question of “how do you do that every day?” more than you think. A couple times a week, actually. And I’m here to answer that question.

Here’s the secret: it’s not hard. Sacrificing a press of the snooze button has more benefits than you might think. The way I dress and the time I take out of my morning actually help make my day better.

It Helps Wake You Up Better

Waking up at anytime before 10 a.m is not something anybody wants to do. But, to mine and many others dismay, that’s one of the many requirements students have to do at Canfield High School.

In order to get to school by 7:45, most people wake up around 7:15, tired, dazed, and groggy. With eyes half open and brains barely running, they avidly rush to primetime so they’re not late.

This is a terrible way to go about your morning.

If you’re someone in the aforementioned majority who wakes up just before you have to leave, I’m sure you can attest to the fact that you don’t want to get up. When you eventually do have to, you’re rushing through even the simplest of tasks like brushing your teeth or eating half a bowl of cereal.

This is where getting up super early comes into play.

When I wake up at six, I’m obviously tired, but I have a better time waking up with the notion that I get to take my time and don’t have to run out the door. It allows my day to have a positive start, instead of one where I’m wildly crabby and spilling coffee all over the carpets because I can’t even open my eyes.

And knowing that I’m going to look my best and get to wear a cute outfit for the day helps resonate with the fact that I’m up so early. It’s a much better feeling than knowing I’ll have to throw on a hoodie and won’t even have time to brush my hair.

It Boosts Your Self Confidence

High school is one of the many times in a girl’s life where they feel their most insecure. It can be so easy to nitpick everything wrong with the way they look when pictures of drop-dead gorgeous, tan blondes are plastered everywhere they go.

This is something that everybody battles with individually, some more than others. I can’t say that dressing up will magically rid of those problems, but they can definitely help.

I know that I personally struggle a lot with that issue sometimes, and, like many other girls, putting on makeup and a cute dress can really turn off that comparative mindset for a while. It also drastically improves the way I feel, making my day a more positive one.

It’s the same reason students love going to things like homecoming. It gives them the opportunity to feel great about themselves, boosting their confidence with images of how gorgeous they look in all that glitz and glam they see on social media or magazines. 

Wearing hoodies or baggy t-shirts every day is a lifestyle some people choose, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re struggling with the way you perceive yourself, try some self care and throw on a cute skirt. It’ll impress you with how great you look, and the people around you too.

Those sweatpants may be comfortable, but looking like you just woke up everyday isn’t always going to make you feel the best. If you look great, you’ll feel great; trust me on that one.

It Gets You Ready for “The Real World”

Parents are always the first to remind you of the horrifying reality of the “real world”; a world you supposedly enter when you reach adulthood, move out of home and…get a job.

Please, hold back your shrieks for just a minute!

I know it can be scary to think about, but there will come a day in most people’s lives where they’ll have to wake up at ungodly hours of the morning and get ready more professionally than they would to go to Giant Eagle.

The benefit of doing this everyday for school (along with the other wonderful pros) is that it’ll seem like nothing when you’ll be forced to do this daily. In fact, you’ll probably be more prepared than anybody else. This could land you a promotion or better treatment from your boss!

Ok, maybe that’s a bit of overkill, but the benefits are still there.

B-B-But What About my Sleeeeep?

Waking up an hour and fifteen minutes earlier than normal may seem like a sacrifice you’re just not willing to make as a high schooler with loads of homework and a part-time job.

And I get that.

But after a while, you get used to it. And by getting up earlier, you’ll tire yourself out easier, allowing you to go to sleep quickly, which, in turn, actually gets you more sleep.

This can really benefit self-organization habits. By pushing yourself to just stay awake, you can get work done quicker and have more free time to yourself, as well as an earlier time to get in bed.

And for crying out loud, you’re a high schooler. Don’t you want more sleep? 

Dressing up is something that not everybody is a fan of. It really just depends on who you are. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun to try once in a while. So go on, try it. Wearing that cute makeup look you saw on your explore page can make you feel great. You don’t have to do it all the time, but you might really like it. And who knows? Maybe eventually you’ll find yourself dolled up every day like me.