Three “packers” hit the school lunch line


At Canfield it is common to see long lines in the cafeteria to buy a school lunch, and with great reason, too. From the surrounding schools, Canfield actually has the most options for lunch, and at $3.00 per lunch, it is a solid deal. 

From the perspective of three “school- lunch packers,” none of us had tried a school lunch since the third grade, and we were excited to get back in the game. First, we decided to poll 50 students at B lunch, and let them decide what we should eat this week. They chose from the following:


  • Cocca’s Pepperoni Roll with Marinara Sauce
  • Deli and Panini Line 


  • Baked Popcorn Chicken with Emoticon Fries
  • Smart Mouth Pizza
  • Build a Burger Bar 


  • Pizza Calzone 
  • Soup and Salad Bar Line 
  • Smart Mouth Pizza 

After we counted the votes, it was decided that we would try: Cocca’s pepperoni roll, popcorn chicken, and the soup and salad bar. 

On Monday, we stood in line to buy the Cocca’s pepperoni roll for around eight minutes. That is a downside of a popular lunch: the lines will be longer, taking time away from eating and socializing. However, it was worth the wait, as the pepperoni rolls held up to their hype. Not only was it a filling lunch, it was also something that you can purchase outside of school. 

Tuesday brought the lunch we favored the most in the first grade, popcorn chicken. This is also one of the most raved-about lunches at CHS; however, it was not exactly how we remembered. We could not decide whether it was because this lunch followed the pepperoni rolls, or was just not what we remembered. Overall, we came to the conclusion that, even though this lunch was filling, it was our least favorite of the week.  

Finally, on Wednesday we had the soup and salad bar for lunch. The line went swiftly, all thanks to the friendly and helpful Mrs. Cummings. Not only does she remember your lunch number, but she never fails to send you off with a smile on your face. As for the soup and salad bar, it is one of the healthiest lunch options at CHS; and you have the most free reign over your meal. After devouring the lunch, all three of us agreed that this was the best lunch option we had tried. 

In conclusion, the lunches at Canfield have definitely improved since we last tried them in first grade. The lunch ladies are some of the most friendly staff here at CHS, and it makes waiting in the longer lunch lines bearable. Though packing your lunch is always a great option, purchasing a lunch at school definitely held up to the same standards.