Even more fall favorites!

Grace Rosko, Junior Contributor

As we discussed in episode #30 of The Pod, the fall season is fast approaching, and there are so many things to enjoy! After giving some of the CHS student body a complete list of our “fall favorites,” they cast their vote for the top pick of each category. The following list is a reflection on what CHS enjoys about fall! 


Friday night lights, the eruption of cheers, and the smell of crisp fall air. What’s the favorite time of the year for any high school student who has school spirit? Football season! Whether you are a player, or simply someone who enjoys flaunting their school pride; football games have something that everyone can enjoy! Attending a football game does not just mean cheering on your favorite local high school team, you can have a tailgate party with your friends; and dress up according to the theme! Best of all, tickets only cost $7.00, and for home games Old North Church puts on 5th quarter; which includes free food, games, and lots of fun! Next Friday, instead of watching Netflix, grab a group of friends and head down to Bob Dove Field, and cheer on our Canfield Cardinals!  


Whitehouse Fruit Farm donuts are something that everyone can enjoy all year round; however, the fall season brings new flavors to life. You can not go wrong with the classical and world renowned blueberry donut, and adding a carton of freshly made apple cider only make enhances the flavor. Whitehouse adds a bundle of new flavors to their menu every October that are also best sellers: Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Iced, Butterfinger, Cherry Iced, Chocolate Iced, Caramel Apple, Cookies & Cream, Maple Iced, Pumpkin Cinnamon, Pumpkin Iced, and Vanilla Sprinkles. Not only does the fall season bring new donut flavors, but it also marks the start of their Fall Festival (September 7- October 27). They festival offers several attractions perfect for all ages, and best of all; free entry! Grab your friends or family, and go grab a donut and some apple cider; and explore what fall has to offer at White House Fruit Farms!


The fall season is always a busy time for trend setting and the introduction of fashion standards for the upcoming year. The fall season brings colder temperatures, and it is the perfect time to introduce layers into your wardrobe. Big knitted sweaters are fall attire essential, and they are perfect to dress up or down. Also, with the recent trend of thrift shopping, you can get sweaters that were once over- priced for dirt cheap! If you are looking for a fun party idea that goes along with fall, grab a group of friends and thrift some sweaters; and have an upcycling party! Repurpose old sweaters by cropping them, adding a new neckline, or even adding some iron- on patches to them. Overall, big sweaters are a staple for fall; and it is an inexpensive way to set your own trends. 


Watching a scary movie or television show is one of the simplest and inexpensive ways to get in the fall state of mind. Obviously, you can watch any spooky movie at any time; but watching them around Halloween gives it a different vibe. Grab some friends and log into Netflix or Hulu, and try watching some of these bone- chillers: The Conjuring, The Shining, The Exorcist, It, Scream, Halloween, and The Ring


Halloween is a holiday that everyone of all ages can celebrate! Trick- or -Treating, Halloween parties, and elaborate costumes; what is not to like? Not to mention, the craziness of Halloween here at Canfield High school! The whole day is filled with costume competitions, candy, and visiting the haunted house! The high school encourages you to grab a group of your friends, and be creative with your Halloween costume and station! Halloween is a time where all divided groups can come together (teachers too) and have fun and celebrate the spooky day. 


Between the scent of crisp morning air, or the smell of fresh fallen leaves; nothing seems to trump the fragrance of the Apple Cinnamon Cider candle from Bath and Body Works. Many say that it reminds them of their childhood, and some even state that it smells just like fresh baked apple pie. These candles do run a little on the pricey side ($24.50), and depending on how long you burn it; the candle may only last a few days. However, the scent is like no other, and speaking to the candle expert, Nicole DeFabio, “I’ve tried to find dupes on this scent, and no other candle store has that exact same. Many do carry the Apple Cinnamon Cider Candle, but it just doesn’t give that same nostalgic feel.” If you enjoy burning a candle every now and then, and you love the smell of apple pie, try to catch a sale and Bath and Body Works; and purchase the Apple Cinnamon Cider scented candle!