Tame Impala’s “Patience” a low-key banger

Tame Impalas Patience a low-key banger

Camryn Heldreth and Lucas Tomory

Tame Impala recently released a new single entitled “Patience,” and it has already raked in over 9 million streams on Spotify.

The new tune was released on March 22, a whole four years since their last song “The Less I Know The Better,” a song that has managed to get over 290 million streams on Spotify.

With “Patience,” the band manages to capture a similar sound as their past songs. A song with heavy 70’s influence filled to the brim with piano and drums. As you listen through the first time it’s easy to feel light and happy, the beat is fun and easily flows.

Lucas describes the song as “calming” and “something you would listen to while driving.”

While Cam says, “This song is easily something you could play at a party.”

Getting past the beat, let’s look into the lyrics. Tame Impala has always managed to hide powerful messages behind an electric beat, just listen to “The Less I Know The Better.”

“Patience” opens with, “Has it really been that long?/Did I count the days wrong?/Did we just go ’round and ’round/All the way to step one?”

The writer of the song, Kevin Parker, likes to play on the concept of time, as evidenced from other songs performed by the band. He enjoys putting complex themes under a beat that seems fun.

The chorus of the song is, “ Just growin’ up in stages/(Lay down, low down)/Livin’ life in phases/Another season changes/And still, my days are shapeless.”

The feeling of living with no meaning is a concept that has the possibility of hitting close to home for some listeners.

The bridge of the song is, “I’m just laying here/Waiting for a change to come/Take us to the place/Takin’ us where we would have gone.”

Sad lyrics hidden behind a fun beat is what adds to their appeal as a band.

The song itself is fun, powerful and overall a great comeback for the band after four years of no released songs. Give it a listen – you won’t regret it.