When Billie releases a new album, what do we feel?

Rosellen Hansing, Junior Contributor

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Billie Eilish’s debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO? earned the number one slot on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums, surpassing noteworthy artists such as Ariana Grande or the late Nipsey Hussle. The most surprising factor of her success, however, is she is younger than over half the juniors at Canfield High School.

The intro of the album, titled “!!!!!!!” places the listener in a state of confusion before experiencing the upbeat, victorious declaration that it turns out to be. Billie comments on the completion of her album and the recent removal of her Invisalign, with an upbeat tone and excitable cheers in the background. The inclusion of this intro is an unexpected contrast to the dark cover art gracing the exterior and makes the album less predictable.

Opposed to her previous EP Don’t Smile At Me, Billie improved the balance of fast paced, boppy music in comparison to her slower, lyrically emotional songs. “My Strange Addiction” includes audio from The Office that perfectly fits the album from the inclusion of her name to the double meaning it ensues. Although the ratio of types of songs was improved, the melodic songs may blend together if not listening closely, with “When The Party’s Over” and “Lovely” having the most distinct aspects.

Lyrically, Eilish refined her content by introducing songs that were not all romanced based. The album included songs concerning mental health, sexuality, and thought provoking questions. This made the album less onenote and more of a personal journey, rather than an insight into an experience. Each song was placed with purpose, as well, with “Goodbye” reminiscing a farewell to both the listener and the receiver of these songs. Each line includes the title of a song from the album and makes a full circle effect.

As a whole, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO? introduced an eerie emotional experience that both the alternative community and pop music desperately needed. Although songs become muddled together, the overall impact leaves questions to ponder and emotions to appreciate. Considering her age, it’s a wonder to contemplate the depth of her content and the impact she has on the music industry.