Logic’s Supermarket: Cop or drop?

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Logic’s Supermarket: Cop or drop?

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With the new release of Supermarket by Bobby Hall a.k.a. Logic, fans are lining up at bookstores to purchase his novel which quickly, seemingly overnight, became a #1 New York Times best seller. With the release of his book on March 26, Logic also decided to release a new album, also called Supermarket, which aired on March 26, to go along with the novel as main character Flynn goes through the struggles of life.

In this album, Logic takes his style of rhythm and lyricism in a completely new direction by getting far outside his comfort zone.

Before the release of Supermarket, Logic’s music was very fast, powerful, honest, and to put it simply: fire.

With this new album, Logic decided to abandon his fast-paced style which usually pertained to his biraciality and how success is earned. He struck an emotional chord with many in this album – singing, rather than rapping.

While keeping up with his trend and ensuring his songs have a deeper meaning, many of the songs on this album such as “Delorean,” “Pretty Young Girl,” and “I Love You Forever” refer to people in Flynn’s life who play a significant role.

With many of the songs following this trend and explaining a forlorn emotion, there are a few songs within the album that have an upbeat vibe such as “Can I Kick It?”, “Lemon Drop” and “Baby.”

The overall success of Supermarket can be considered split. Some listeners believe that Logic should stick to what he is good at and strictly rap and that this new album was overly ambitious; however, others believe that this change of pace was needed in his career and that much of his music started to “sound the same” after awhile.

Overall, the album has been received well by his wide fan base – also known as the “Rattpack” – who cannot wait to see what his next project, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, can bring to the table.

Considering the album as a whole, it can easily be seen that Logic shot toward a younger demographic who want to hear music about emotionally rough times that currently face them. With this much additional exposure, Logic is able to grow his brand and thus bring more exposure to his novel.

While the overall popularity of his album Supermarket currently lies within a grey area with some absolutely loving the album and others wanting Logic to remain where he is at in his current style, the only real way to figure out if it’s a good listen is listening to it for yourself.