Thank U, Next is a must-listen album

Thank U, Next is a must-listen album

Thank u, next.

A new, concise catchphrase that can end any conversation or Twitter feud with the perfect mix of power and sass.

Taken from Ariana Grande’s first single off her fifth album, the song itself has only grown in popularity. In its first week alone the song had over 55 million streams.

The past few months have only elevated Grande’s status as a pop queen, even more so with her new album, “Thank U, Next” that was released February 8th. But is her music worth all of the buzz?

She opens her album with “Imagine,” a ballad detailing an ideal relationship for her. This song is filled with yearning for the mundane things in relationship, and it is packed with beautiful notes throughout. It sets the tone for the album wonderfully and then leads us to her next song.

“Needy.” A heartbreaking, personal song that describes Grande’s insecurities in a relationship. The overall gentle ballad holds strong emotions and the lyrics have the ability to resonate with most people.

Next on the album comes “NASA” and “Bloodline,” two upbeat songs that add some fun to the list.  “NASA” talks about a need for space (a great pun, truly) with universe themes prevalent throughout. “Bloodline” has a fun beat that harks on the fact that moving fast in a relationship is not always the best. Easily two of my favorites on the album, the beats alone can make you happier.

Next is “Fake Smile,” a song with a hint of an R&B tone to it that discusses the troubles of the press, anxiety and overall celebrity culture. A song that flows smoothly and is seemingly the unofficial anthem for Grande’s life currently.

“Bad Idea” and “Make Up” follow. The former is has an electric beat, and is overall a fun song with a captivating hook. The latter is just a delightful song with a simple beat that is easy to listen to and enjoy.

Then comes the emotional backbone of the album, “Ghostin” and “In My Head.” “Ghostin” is easily one of Grande’s most open, and vulnerable songs to date. This powerful ballad broke my heart the first time I heard it, and I have not skipped it once. “In My Head” examines how a relationship was built on the idea of the person, not the actual reality.

The last 3 songs, “7 Rings,” “Thank U, Next,” and “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” have easily been the most talked about songs off the album. They are upbeat anthems to jam to in your car, with some great, catchy lyrics that can make you feel on top of the world. They are all good songs, but after listening to the whole album, they do not rank in my top 5.

This album is easily Grande’s best, and is overall cohesively built to truly showcase her new style and incredible voice. The album flows well, and the songs work well together, all carrying a touch of Ariana.