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Musical maniacs: The indies and oldies are goodies

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It is almost guaranteed that sometime throughout everyone’s  high school experience a student will encounter the infamous “hipster” The person claiming they were born in the wrong generation or that their music taste is more unique, more original, and way cooler compared to the average high school student. These breed of humans inflated music egos are usually the punchline of jokes, but do their comments have validity? Some might say the indies and oldies are what is dominating the modern music culture.

According to Billboard, indie music makes up 17% of all music output and makes up 5% of the Billboard Charts. When compared to other genres such as Metal, Classical, or Religious that is a substantial amount and is not as rare as the stereotype makes it out to be.

Much of what makes up modern classics were considered indie for the their time as well. Examples such as Mr. Brightside, Seven Nation Army, and This Charming Man are still relevant as of 2019 and make sure to have their airway at school functions, specifically dances or band concerts. Appreciation for the instant classics can also be seen in film culture, with films such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Yesterday, and Rocketman receiving much love and anticipation from viewers and critics.

“It has more meaning than songs created specifically for radio,” commented student Katie Dysert. “Songs produced in the indie genre seem to be created more for the creator, rather than to be downloaded on Apple Music. It’s why it attracts certain people, because only certain people can relate to that meaning rather than a generic lyric.”

Artists such as Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, The 1975, and Lorde make up the more mainstream indie chart toppers as of recent. With less known up and comers including Clairo, Tame Impala, and Declan Mckenna. It sparks the question as to if these indie artists will be considered icons and classics in the future and whether or not the hipsters are riding the bandwagon.

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Musical maniacs: The indies and oldies are goodies