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As a teenage high school student, I’m going to take a safe guess and say you probably don’t have your life figured out yet. I know I definitely don’t. At 17, I feel so incredibly lucky to be growing up in a generation that values the acceptance of diversity and recognizes the importance of so many different interests and opinions, but along with so many different ways of life to explore and consider comes plenty of conflict – especially within oneself.

Finding your way in the world and finding who you are yourself is much more difficult than you think it will be at a young age and in exploring the person you are, it will likely take longer than you would prefer to feel like you are really making progress, but something that can help you along your own journey is enlisting the help of music.

A person’s music taste speaks volumes about who they are and who they want to be. Music can be especially helpful in mediating one’s internal conflicts. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Music provides entertainment and distraction from problems and serves as a way to relieve tension and boredom.” Psychological studies say music can provide the basis for establishing relationships in youth and can help people take control of their own emotions and feelings.

Music is powerful and can not only dictate or further one’s mood, but also be used in the “process of identity formation” or to help “resolve unconscious conflicts related to one’s particular developmental stage,” says some authors. No matter where you are in life, music is something everyone can turn to for comfort and mediation.

All of this being said, it is important that we listen to whatever makes us feel best personally. In my own experience, the best way to relieve stress, boost my mood, or help me relax is to find a song I can connect with and relate to. No matter how lost or confused you feel, music can help you feel not alone in your struggles. It can be really amazing to not only connect with a song, but also a group of people through that song. However, it is important to listen to whatever you vibe with independently of everyone else’s opinions, no matter what that is!

With this in mind, it is important to recognize that while music says a lot about a person, it does not say exactly who a person is either. It is easy to feel uncomfortable or judged because of what others may think about your favorite style of music or what that music may say about you, but what is important is how that music makes you feel. No matter what area of life, it is vital that you live your life whatever way feels right to you.

So while you continue to grow who you are, regardless of whatever style of music speaks to you, I encourage you to listen to it unapologetically of others’ judgement because what matters most is how it makes YOU feel. The best playlist is your own playlist!

Linked with this article and some of my other junior contributors’ are some playlists we enjoy and feel connected to from an array of genres for you to check out if you are interested!

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