How much do straight A’s matter?

Lilly Economus

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A New York Times article titled “What Straight-A Students Get Wrong” was recently written by an organizational psychologist named Dr. Grant. One of Dr. Grant’s students came to him at a loss for words due to him getting his first -A. The student cried and cried because of this grade and it is evident that this student obsessed over school work and grades.

Dr. Grant stated that he faces students like this regularly, and some students have become ill because of their grades or have even sued the school they attend because they did not receive the grade they hoped they would.

But Dr. Grant can relate to these students, because he was the same way, and always strived to maintain a 4.0 grade point average. He believed that having superior grades would make him successful later in life, but that is not always true. Just because you have amazing grades in college, does not guarantee you will have a successful job. Once you are two to three years into your job, your grades in college do not affect how you perform in the workplace.

I can relate to Dr. Grant and these students, because I am one of them. To me, my grades are my main focus and I always strive to maintain a high grade point average. I am definitely not a procrastinator. Whenever my teachers first say there is a test, I start preparing ahead of time so I am well prepared.

But, having high expectations does not come easy. I deal with much stress and anxiety with my grades if they do not meet my expectations. I put a lot of pressure on myself and study hours and hours to ensure I do my absolute best. Although I seem to have an obsession with studying and achieving great grades, I consider myself a well rounded person. I have played two sports throughout high school, am a part of numerous clubs, and also enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Learning how to balance all of this and studying was a challenge at first. But, with years practice, it has become easier.

I believe that my hard work and determination has paid off throughout high school and will hopefully pay off in the years ahead. I do not agree that grades are superior to everything in your life, although I believe that grades and school work are still important. It is important to be a well rounded person and spend time with the people you love.


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