Nostalgic livin’

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Nostalgic livin’

Marina Jones, Senior Contributor

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We all have that album or song that reminds us of a past time. Music moves in ways other things cannot. Whether it is The Beatles or Keke Palmer, everyone most likely has one song that makes them feel nostalgic.

Nostalgia is the feeling that is prompted by affection for a time, place, smell, song, etc. “Going to my grandma’s house during the holidays, seeing the reflection of the Christmas tree on the windows, and smelling the candle my mom buys every year gives me nostalgia of Christmas time when I was younger,” said Nicole Joseph, a senior at Canfield High School. 

Nicole’s walk down memory lane is prompted by the holidays, like many others. Other students agreed when asked if the holidays prompt another kind of nostalgia. Being home and warm and with family, creates a feeling of safety.

Sydney Karlock, also a CHS student tells The Cardinal, “I went to a One Direction concert when I was younger and when I hear those songs it makes me think of that time.” 

Another student, Marissa Yourstowsky, shared Karlock’s sentiment.

“Same for me, when I was younger I listened to Carrie Underwood. When I hear those songs now I have flashbacks of my childhood.” 

Nostalgia comes and goes. It can stay for a second, or it could linger for years. It is the purest form of missing something or someone. It is an amazing reminder of what we were fortunate enough to had.


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