Orange Avocado Review

Max Dawson and Colin Hritz

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This past week both of us decided to get on the healthy, organic food trend. After football we hopped on Colin’s car and drove to Orange Avocado for a post-practice snack.

When you walk in, you can tell the emphasis of Orange Avocado is grab and go. Their store is set up with different juices, health shots, and snacks all around in freezers so you can find what you want and get it as quick as possible.

There are actual meals that you can order, but the seating is limited with only 4 small tables. The main meal you can order is smoothie bowls. They’re good for breakfast or lunch but are a little bit light for a dinner. Personally our favorite is the strawberry smoothie bowl with coconut, but neither of us have ever sat down and ate it there.  

When we went this week we decided to get a juice, a health shot, and a snack.

The juice was called “Pretty in Pink”, it was pure 100% juice from strawberries, watermelon, lemon, and grapefruit. It comes in only a 16 ounce bottle but costs over $8.00. The drink itself tastes pretty good, the main flavor you get is grapefruit with a hint of all the other ingredients. We both really liked it and if it was cheaper we for sure would go back and buy more.

Next we both tried the health shot. Since Colin’s mom is one of those “health freaks”, he’s tried them before, so we knew to not actually drink it because it’s really hot. We split it in half and both took a shot. You can feel the cleansing sensation as it goes down your throat. The taste and heat was awful, but it definitely cleared our sinuses.

Finally we tried the avocado pudding. This one was hit and miss. The texture of the pudding wasn’t the same as just your normal pudding which really put off Colin. Max didn’t like the walnut and coconut toppings. We both only took one bite because we weren’t very fond of it, so we gave the rest to Mr. Jennings to try. On the contrary to both of us, he really enjoyed it. He ended up finishing the rest of it and he said he didn’t taste any difference to normal pudding.

As a whole, we thought Orange Avocado has a few really good healthy options, but vegan food isn’t really our style. Also because all of the products are fresh and organic, the price of everything is pretty expensive. If you’re into the new organic food trend then Orange Avocado is a great stop to get your next healthy snack, but if vegan isn’t your thing, Orange Avocado might not be the place for you.

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