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Flaming Ice Cube Review

Cece Economus, Senior Contributor

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Healthier food restaurants have been popping up all around the country in the recent years. Trends like this tend to take a while to make their way to Youngstown, Ohio.

But now, they’ve made it. Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are opening up all along 224. One of them has been established quite longer than other newer places, Flaming Ice Cube.

Flaming Ice Cube first opened in 1997 as an aromatherapy shop, then moved and opened the cafe in Creekside Plaza in Boardman in 2002. They then expanded to Public Square in Cleveland in 2010.

Their food is prepared and mostly made from scratch right on the spot, instead of reheating their food like most restaurants and fast food food places do.

They claim that it may take a bit longer, but that it’s definitely worth the wait.

Flaming Ice Cube identifies as a vegan cafe, serving vegan food, such as burgers, sandwiches, quinoa bowls, homemade soups, salads, smoothies, juices, teas, and baked goods.

You’re able to take some items home with you for a treat later, they offer a catering service, boxed lunches, and you’re also able to call ahead so your meal is ready to pick up when you arrive.

Now, I am not into the whole vegan and vegetarian trends. But, I decided to give it a try.

I walked into Flaming Ice Cube with Senior Contributor, Lilly Economus and was handed a menu, which was very intimidating.

I’m not one for the new food trends. My nickname is “Plain Jane” when it comes to food.

Lilly was nice enough to help guide me through the menu. We chose the Spicy Chick’n Quesadilla ($9.95) and the Luncheon Harvest Quinoa Bowl and Cookie Combo ($7.95).

Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. I almost finished my whole meal and tried Lilly’s meal as well.

The “chicken” texture was definitely different than normal chicken. It had a softer texture and when I first bit in, I could tell it wasn’t chicken. The vegan cheese also had a unique texture and taste, one that’s indescribable. Honestly, if I were to eat the vegan cheese and chicken separate, I don’t think I would enjoy it. But how it was prepared made me enjoy it.

I’m a very picky eater, so me actually going and trying something new is a big deal, especially when that new thing is a whole different type of food.

My whole outlook on vegan food has changed and I’m now looking forward to going to new, healthier restaurants that are popping up around town.

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About the Writer
Cece Economus, Senior Contributor

Cece Economus

Senior Cece Economus has always had school spirit, but this year, that was set in stone when she was elected Spirit Coordinator.

The Spirit Coordinator at Canfield is one of the 13 members of the Senior Class officers with the President, Vice President, Secretary, etc. All of these positions have to be recommended by 2 teachers, get 15 student signatures, and fill out a nomination packet to even be allowed to run in the election.

Before the election last May she was, “really hoping I got elected because I thought I had some really great ideas.” She admits that at first she was nervous and didn’t know if she’d win. But once she got all the signatures, recommendations, and turned in the packet, everyone else running against her dropped out of the election.

Obviously, she won the election and is now the Spirit Coordinator. With the new title, Economus now has a new set of responsibilities.

“I helped get the senior car, I’m in charge of the student section so if Mr. Moldovan or any of the other school administrators has a question then they’ll come to me, I got to help out with the themes a little bit, and help come up with the ideas for the banner in front of the student section.”

She also runs the student section Twitter account which announces all the themes for games, tells people when games are for all sports, and retweets all things Canfield.

“Chance and I run the account together and that’s probably the most fun part of the job. I get to pick the pictures to post and what captions to put on. Everything has to look official so I always make Chance text me before he posts anything.”

Along with being the Spirit Coordinator, she’s also one of the flag runners at the football games and one of the leaders of the student section.

“Having school spirit kinda makes school fun for me. If everyone has school spirit, that’s when everything is more fun.”

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Flaming Ice Cube Review