A fan-favorite latte at Starbucks

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A fan-favorite latte at Starbucks

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Everybody knows about the fan-favorite Iced Caramel Latte: a dark, rich espresso with cold milk and caramel syrup, poured over ice. You can go just about to any coffee shop and order this drink.

At Starbucks you can get a “Tall” caramel flavored iced latte for $3.75. It has the same ingredients as an original latte, just with caramel syrup added. The ingredients in this drink consist of steamed milk, two shots of espresso, and a few teaspoons of caramel flavoring, stirred together in a cup of ice. Usually this drink comes with toppings, such as caramel syrup drizzle and whipped cream.

In comparison to Dunkin Donuts and Stonefruit, a machine is used to grind the beans at Starbucks and Dunkin, rather where at Stonefruit the beans are ground by hand.

So how are these iced latte’s made? Well first, you take some strongly brewed coffee and about a cup of milk. You then mix that with a few teaspoons of caramel flavoring and two pumps of espresso, and pour it on ice. They usually have about 250 calories and 18 grams of sugar.

However, this drink is similar to a macchiato. A macchiato is an espresso topped with milk and foam, whereas a latte is the same but the ingredients are mixed together.

So, what do we really think about this beverage? We both agreed to say that this was a very tasty drink. But, we decided that we thought that the drink could use more of a coffee taste. There was a lot of sweet to it, and not enough of your original coffee smell or taste to finish it off. There was a lot of milk, giving it a creamy and thick texture, which we both thought was very good.

To conclude, the Starbucks Iced Caramel Latte was a refreshing drink, with many tastes and flavors. Justin rates this drink 8/10, and Bella gives it a 6/10.

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