Stone Fruit’s take on a caramel iced latte is perfect

Grace Ramun and Mia Malvasi

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One of the most popular coffee drinks across America is a caramel iced latte. This beverage can be found at many different locations under different names. Today we are reviewing Stone Fruit’s caramel iced javaccino.

The drink we are reviewing is a caramel flavored latte over ice from the local coffee shop: Stone Fruit. The ingredients in the drink are a double shot of espresso, steamed milk, one to two pumps of caramel sauce and all mixed together in a cup of ice. To go into more detail, a shot of espresso is ground coffee beans that gets tamped and put into a machine that condenses the coffee into a small but strong amount. Once they have the shot of espresso, they pour milk that has been steamed to 120 degrees into a cup with the caramel sauce. After this step they mix together these three ingredients and pour it over ice. To top it all off you have the choice to add toppings, which consists of whip cream and a caramel drizzle.

More specifically the machine used to condense the coffee grinds into a liquid is called an espresso machine. The coffee gets ground into a hand-held portafilter, which get tamped by hand. Tamping is when a small metal tool is pressed on top of the grounds so they are compacted into the portafilter. Once that is done the portafilter is placed into one of the three slots on the machine. Hot water then runs from the machine and than out the two spouts in the bottom of the portafilter and in the process the coffee runs out of the machine. Each spout that coffee comes out of is one shot of espresso.

Once the espresso and caramel sauce have been poured and mixed together, it is time to steam the milk. On both sides of the espresso machine there are two milk steamers, for an iced coffee they steam the milk to 120 degrees. After the milk has been steamed, which takes about 30 to 40 seconds, they then pour the milk into the mixed espresso and caramel sauce. After it is stirred they pour it over the ice and it is served!

We both decided to give the famous drink a try so that we could give our opinions. Together we came to the decision that this drink is not only delicious but the little details are what make it the best. Let’s start with the most obvious ingredient, the coffee. The espresso in this drink is the real game changer, the beans are ground fresh for each cup which not only gives you the best taste but also lets you know that what you are drinking is genuine. Besides the espresso, the steamed milk really makes a strong impact. It adds the perfect amount of both texture and flavor. Of course the sauce or syrup that is added makes a simple drink more exciting and delicious, but the flavor is up to the buyer. We chose caramel and we were not disappointed; It was the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness that made this drink so enjoyable.

So we give Stone Fruit’s caramel iced javaccino a 10/10. If you’re looking for a cool refreshing drink we hope you try it, but don’t forget that there are many other flavors to choose from!

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