Scaregrounds the best way to start October

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Scaregrounds the best way to start October

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It’s Spooky Season, and a great way to start the month is to visit the Canfield Scaregrounds, which, is exactly what Jill, Gabby and Brianna decided to do.

The Scaregrounds is at the Canfield Fairgrounds and is open from 7 p.m. to midnight on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from September 28 to October 31st. This year, general admission tickets are priced at $20 and include four themed haunted houses and the haunted hayride. For an additional $10, you can purchase a zombie paintball massacre ticket!

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not yet visited the Scaregrounds, plan to go, and want to be surprised, you might not want to read the content ahead.

Walking into the Scaregrounds, Brianna first set a few guidelines for the night.

They were the following:

  1. Always stay together.
  2. Frequently check behind you – keep your head on a swivel.
  3. Brianna in the front, Gabby in the middle, Jill in the back.

As they approached the ticket booth, nerves started to take over as Jill and Gabby either wanted to go home or only go on the haunted hayride. Brianna fearlessly urged them to get over their fears and have a fun night. First on the list, the Barn of Evil!

Advancing towards the entrance of the first house, the zombie clown instantly recognized Gabby’s name printed on the front of her letterman’s jacket and hollered, “We have three coming in! Her name’s Gabby and she’s in the middle!”

He then told the girls to enter. Through every twist and turn, darkness took over to the point where Brianna, Gabby, and Jill couldn’t even see. With multiple loud noises and creaks being heard from multiple different places, it made the house extra creepy and exhilarating. Scared out of her mind, Gabby kept saying, “My lawyers will sue you if you touch me!” Brianna and Jill couldn’t help but laugh at her nervous statements.

Once they exited the first house, all the nerves soon vanished, and the girls were left with big smiles, eager to see the other houses. Next up on the list: the Slaughterhouse!

This was the trickiest out of the four, with smoke everywhere and meat hanging in the pathway they followed. In order to lead the group, Brianna had to bravely stick out her hand to feel for the changes in direction. Every so often, she’d say, “Watch out, there’s a piece of meat hanging there!” Every straight away had a different animal haunting the pathway. The main animals seen were pigs, who would get in your face and make noises. Leaving this house, Gabby knew it would be near impossible to top the thrill of the Slaughterhouse.

The third house was called the Haunted Circus. Upon entering this house to get their tickets punched, Gabby realized she lost hers. Thinking it was a joke, Brianna and Jill kept saying,“Come on Gabby, we know you didn’t,” as well as, “Stop making excuses because you’re scared.” Gabby was so annoyed no one believed her, so she set off to find her ticket. Because Bri and Jill didn’t want to leave her alone, they followed. They were soon proved wrong when Gabby found the ticket right in front of the Slaughterhouse.

The Haunted Circus consisted up multiple tunnels containing bright lights that spun in circles in order to make the people dizzy. This was a very interesting experience for the group, as they felt like the ground was shifting underneath them.

The fourth, and last, house of the night was the Gore Reformery. This consisted of a wide variety of both scarers and scaring methods. One of the main features was an old-fashioned car that would honk suddenly when the group walked by. Causing immediate shock, the group flinched away as their ears began ringing.

Overall, their night became one fun experience. From the screams, to the laughs, to even some tears, the girls loved spending all of it together. A few tips on deciding to go experience this adventure include being prepared for loud noises, the jump scares, and strobe lights.

WARNING! If you have epilepsy, the scare ground is probably not the right place for you.


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