Dunkin’s latte a refreshing, tasty beverage

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Dunkin’s latte a refreshing, tasty beverage

Joe Scolieri and Brandon Stratton

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It is without question that coffee has been a staple amongst mankind for centuries.  Surprisingly, coffee and coffeehouses played a key role in facilitating the diffusion of ideas and culture during the 16th century in many European countries.  Developments in math and science, such as the ones entailed in Newton’s Principia, are said to have derived from intellectual discussion within a coffeehouse in London.

Fast forward to today, coffee still holds a rather important position in the modern day society.  Many adults drink it everyday to help them get through the restlessness that accompanies the typical day.  It is important to note that the coffee industry today is dominated by many big name chain restaurants.  One of the most prominent of these is Dunkin Donuts.

One of the most popular items on the Dunkin Donuts menu is a latte.  Many of us have tried one, but have we ever wondered what exactly goes into making one?  Canfield High School senior, Vincent Patierno, a shift leader at the Dunkin Donuts in Canfield, can help give us some insight on what exactly goes into making a latte:

“We use an espresso machine to make the lattes.  It just measures out certain amounts of espresso to put in depending on the size of the cup.  We also use steamed milk, and put in any flavor that someone wants,” said Patierno.

In contrast to many local coffee shops, such as Stonefruit, Dunkin Donuts uses a machine to grind their coffee beans, rather than grinding them by hand, according to Patierno.  It is also important to note that Dunkin’s lattes have distinct differences from the lattes made at local coffee shops:

“Other coffee shops seem to have stronger smelling lattes than ours, but I feel like there is more of a variety of flavors at Dunkin,” Patierno explained.

To formulate our own opinion on the drink, we went to the Canfield Dunkin Donuts to test the latte out for ourselves.  More specifically, we decided to try the caramel latte – one of Dunkin’s most popular flavors.  For over an hour, we analyzed many elements of the taste of the coffee.

At a first glance, the caramel latte as a whole has a light brown color that is solid throughout.  This look differs from other lattes that are left with the milk and espresso unmixed, which makes the latte have two distinct layers of fluid – a white layer for the milk and a brown layer for the espresso.

In regard to the taste of the caramel iced latte, it is important to note that the sweetness of the drink clearly overpowers its bitterness.  This sweetness in conjunction with its coldness makes for a very refreshing drink.  The caramel within the drink is easily recognized, and there is not an overwhelming quantity of it.  In addition to the caramel, a hint of roasted coffee beans can be tasted.  The drink is also very thin – almost as thin as water – allowing it to go down smoothly.

In contrast to most hot drinks or other coffees, Dunkin’s iced caramel latte leaves almost no aftertaste.  It is also important to note that the drink does not taste very acidic, despite the fact that many types of coffee do.

Despite the multitude of savory qualities that define Dunkin’s caramel iced latte, it does have its downsides.  We found that the aroma emanating from the drink was, in parallel to Patierno’s observation, very weak.  Generally speaking, coffee is known for its invigorating, strong smell.  Because the caramel latte lacks a strong aroma that defines coffee, the coffee drinking experience is weakened.

All in all, although the Dunkin Donuts caramel latte lacks a defining and invigorating aroma, it is nonetheless a refreshing, tasty beverage.

Joe’s Rating: 8/10

Brandon’s rating: 7/10

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