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This is everything: Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

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I want people to learn from this, to feel for each other, and understand what it means to be compassionate. We as people have separated and we hid behind our phone screens. But, I hope that I can show how music, TV show, and movies have an important impact on who we become, and how we interact with each other. This world is getting far to separated, and I want us to come together in this lonely world, and learn to love and live.

Hopefully my tiny voice in that vast society can have power to educate some important issues we deal with as a society. Ones that we need to solve as one, we can only finish this puzzle together, each one of us being a piece in the puzzle.

Childish Gambino also known as Donald Glover.

A singer, actor, and activist.

As an artist he is known for taking risks in his videos. He constantly calls out the faults with America, hence we have “This is America.”

The music video that stirred controversy across all of Twitter.

Childish Gambino’s whole music video has hidden Easter eggs throughout. He throws shots, literally and figuratively at the state of our nation. And honestly he isn’t wrong. He is educated us on what has been going on with us, and it’s time for change. Why would we live in a world with so much hate and prejudice when we have the opportunity to work together as one, and listen to music or some other normal things we like doing.

For one, the pose he imitates is one that negatively represented African Americans during Jim Crow South, prejudicially calling African Americans, “lazy, stupid, and less human.” Pretty serious topic for a music video. Typical Childish Gambino. However, everything he is discussing is important and necessary to for us to be better than we are now.

He continues to bring light to America’s gun laws and how America doesn’t take gun control seriously. The red cloth the gun is collected with shows the value of guns over the value of the many people affected by gun violence. How could we live in a world where humans are not as important than an object. A world where my body and voice don’t mean as much as the sound of a gunshot. I don’t think we need another shooting to realize enough is enough and it is time for some change. Maybe some of us do?

Childish Gambino is not only a singer, but he is also an actor. He produces and acts in his own show, Atlanta. He raises awareness to many serious topics throughout the show. Seems pretty familiar to his music style…

He combats issues with American society that many people choose not to acknowledge. The issues with the struggles of being an African american in today’s society, actually… any person of color or minority in society today still deals with this discrimination. Today’s society is not as progressive as we might think. People of color have to deal with racism almost on a daily basis, and most of you probably have never had to deal with those looks.

Atlanta focuses on the issues many African Americans face today, like racism. There is an episode where a rich white guy believes they know what they have been through. Childish also has episodes about bullying and how societies judgments on people have an effect on the persons mental health, especially children in school. An episode of his focuses on school bullying, and the impact of negative words have on someone.

Childish Gambino fights oppression, and the showcases the struggles African Americans go through, and what its like to be seen as less than someone else. The fact that he does this with his show and music is so important for our society for us to be able to understand each other.

The funny thing is when I listen to Childish Gambino I never realize how powerful his lyrics are. He makes music that feels good, and stuff I can listen to at anytime of the year. His newest music, “Summer Pack,” includes songs like, “Summertime Magic” and “Feels like Summer.” Both of these songs make me feel like I am driving with the windows down in the hot summer air in my face, and I live in Cali or something. Basically the epitome of summertime. 10/10.

The lyrics, however, talk about his hopes that the world can change. He has talked about world issues for a long time now, and I don’t think this one is any different.

The timing of this video release could not be more perfect, the end of summer. It’s ironic because the song is about the feeling of summer, but when listening to the song I feel more nostalgic and  get the vibes I would during summer, even though I know it has to come to an end.

Childish Gambino is like this superhero fighting oppression, and the fact that he does this with his words is empowering. Our words and choices in life have an impact of who we are as humans. Ever single word we speak to someone leaves an “imaginary stamp” on them. Its super cliche to treat others like that treat you or to be kind always. But, I don’t know why people think that’s so hard to do. It takes more time to formulate a rude remark or insulting comment, so why even waste your energy on that??

I think we have a huge responsibility as members of this world, and yeah right now adults will say whatever we have to say isn’t valid, but it is. What we have to say as young kids will eventually be what we have to say as adults. I want to live in a world where there is no such thing as “rude” looks or insults. I want to live in a world where I can listen to my music and be my own human without someone else’s “stamp” on me.

Don’t you want that, too?

We can’t and should not want to live in a world of darkness, and hate where there is no light to guide us to balance.

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This is everything: Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino