Rush Church doing good works in Canfield and beyond

Never in my sixteen years on this earth have I seen a mind, body, and sound amount of love in a family that is not intertwined by blood, but by the Lord and savior Jesus Christ, taking the time of their scheduled service altogether to pray for people in their congregation. To pray for diseases to cease, for healing to be made that would otherwise be impossible for an ordinary doctor to perform. They are simply asking for a miracle that they know can never be impossible for the ruler of the heavens and the earth.

No matter how their day went they are able to lay that down to the king of kings and Lord of Lords. All as His humble servants. And to think that this “paradise” of a place is just two minutes from the Canfield High School.

Held in a building that was not originally  a church. Pastors Jim and Jill Barton turned this rustic, garage-like building into a gateway to His throne room.

“But here is the good thing,” Jim Barton began. “ In that I saw men and women come together to serve God in so many ways. To make things move, to come together and work voluntarily. It is so beautiful to see family helping one another and I think that that solidifies that what we did here was all God but he used people to do it.”

As most people do, Jim Barton changed his career path; pastoring was not his first choice. Growing up Barton said that he loved math and his father and brother were both engineers, so his natural career choice growing up was to follow suit and become an engineer. That is what he did for a while, but God spoke to him and directed him down a completely different path.

It was in 1997 when his life was completely turned upside down when he attended a youth convention in Columbus, Ohio. The Lord touched his life and he instantly changed and dedicated his life to the work of the Lord.

The story of Rush Church began after Jim met his wife Jill. After marriage, they were serving at New Life Church for about six years. After Jill lost her sister to cancer, Jim takes his wife on a little getaway to clear her head. On the way to their destination they came across and abandoned commercial building for sale. On their way back they pass by the same building and decide to stop and look through it’s windows.

After pulling away from the windows each day they had visions directly from the Lord to turn this building into the church.

“I said, what do you see? And she said, well what did you see? After that we started talking about it, they matched and we knew in that instant that we had never seen this before, and that we needed to do something.”

After this they bought the building and had to break away from New Life Church to begin a new chapter in their lives.

Over the years, Jim has had many stories from pastoring that upon asking him he smiled and kind of chuckled.

“I have so many stories that it’d be hard for me to point out one without another one attached. I have never in my life felt so in-touched with the importance of life until I started to work for the Lord,” he said.

This is real life. Believe it or not miracles can happen on this earth today. Matthew 17:20 says, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith even as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’, and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.”

“I’ve seen miracles, I’ve seen people healed, I’ve seen people delivered (set free). I’ve seen, believe it or not, demons cast out, I’ve seen seen things that Jesus did and it empowers me to want more because I know every person that walks in this place needs Jesus. When you are here and you know him more and more you know you need him more and more.”

Where there is a church there is usually a mission plan. With Rush Church, that is no exception. Rush Church is partnered with an organization right here in Canfield that raises money to supply water wells in African countries. Barton is even serving on a board for the African Hope Project. Through this he has been assigned a village in Africa for which that Rush Church raises money. Their village is called Macassa.

The process is not difficult; it is pretty mind blowing how little it truly takes. Barton explains that one water well costs $10,000. A large and very well near impossible number to reach when you first look at it, but Barton was able to see that is he was able to get 1,000 people to donate his $10 he would have enough money for that well in their village. A mere $10 that people spend very easily nowadays can be put towards changing the lives of people in Africa.

“They’d have water every single day. Clean and they wouldn’t have to go to swamps and boil their water. This actually gives them water for life. That I think could tug a heart. You’d be changing a village forever. That’s why we did our first and we are going to do our second. Can you imagine changing a village? You have an opportunity to change a village and it says it can serve up to 4,000 people a day. I wanna be apart of that,” Barton said.

Rush Church was established in 2008. This marks the church’s 10 year anniversary. A place where all are welcome, all helping a much larger cause, and all right here in Canfield.

Barton concluded, “I just wanted people to come to get to know Jesus for who he really is and get set free from things that hold them back in God’s plan for their life.”