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The future is green the center of Canfield

Amanda Blanco and Lilly Economus

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As one observes the Canfield Green, they may see a group of friends enjoying Dairy Queen on a picnic bench, a family leaving church, or a young girl’s birthday party held at Piccadilly Parlor.

Canfield is a town filled with history and a community of people who support one another. Canfield is highly ranked for education and sports, and that is largely due to the people who make up its population.

However, students of Canfield High School agree that Canfield is “boring.”  

As seniors are discussing their future plans of leaving this town in hopes of finding a world outside of this place, we decided to take a look at what students and adults would like to see added to Canfield in order to enhance a town with a very promising foundation.

Canfield’s green is known for its historical value which is a quality that many residents enjoy. It also serves as the center of a city popular for events such as the Fourth of July Parade and The Canfield Fair.

After taking a survey of 30 people we found many Canfield High School students, teachers, and parents are unsatisfied with The Green because there are not enough restaurants, activities, and entertainment. Based on these responses, Canfield residents feel that we need more local shops, restaurants/cafes, hangout spots, concert venues, or chain restaurants such as Chick-fil-A or Sonic. Some responses even promoted seasonal activities such as ice skating during winter. While these ideas are ambitious, it is important to reflect on whether it would even be possible.

We believe that action has not been taken on this situation because of the expense of this project. With that being said, we are willing to further investigate what it will take to make these projects start and turn the well-known and loved historical town of Canfield into something even better. Although, there are no enumerated plans to transform the Canfield Green, we are open to take action on this situation for our community.

We identify with the responses of Canfield High School students, teachers, and parents, because we believe we can turn the Canfield Green into an area its residents would be proud to live in. To keep with the historical aesthetic that the Green already has, we believe it would be important to make the additions more localized. This could include coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants that will attract residents of the surrounding communities. We believe that with this addition, Canfield will become the “talk of the town” and an area to which everyone will want to go. Our hope stems from the fact that Canfield already has elements that make it stand out compared to surrounding areas such as Hudson or Chagrin Falls.

Most seem to agree that making additions to The Green is the right thing to do. However, the argument lies on whether these additions should remain local establishments, chain establishments or both. While there are pros and cons to both, we believe that making additions more local is a more promising option because it will help to maintain the aesthetic that is already known and loved. To go back to the point of contention about whether Canfield is “boring,” it is important to realize that there is always room for improvement.

This will be a two-part series in which we can now utilize the responses of our community to contact local officials to see if this project is possible.

Conversations with local officials that need to occur involve whether The Green has room for new businesses, the cost of a project in this area, as well as what plans are already in place for 2018. As students of Canfield High School, we believe additions to The Green could benefit all age demographics and will make our city a better place to live. We are excited to explore the potential for growth The Green has to offer.

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The future is green the center of Canfield