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Movie review: The Greatest Showman

Jackson Horvat

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Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for.

Hello, our Quirks! And hello to any of our Cardinals watching as well, as it is officially that time of the year the Disappearing Quirks invade The Cardinal from Canfield High School. Wherever you may be watching, today, in honor of our very first vlog (our review of Split) we headed off on a dreary Thursday night to go see The Greatest Showman!

While it had its flaws, we ultimately ended up loving the movie, along with its ridiculously amazing message and songs that will not leave your head for months! And really, its flaws make it what it is- the greatest show. Yes, you’re allowed to track us down and slap us for that pun but it won’t be taken back!

Thank you all so much for watching, we hope you enjoyed the review, and we will see you soon! Be sure to leave a like, subscribe, and comment what you thought (and if you’re on the Cardinal, travel over to YouTube if you feel so inclined)! We’ll be back very soon with a ton of content that we’re really, super excited about! Until then, stay quirky! -DQ’s

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Movie review: The Greatest Showman