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Emma Bucheit, Junior Contributor

Canfield High School’s junior, Emma Bucheit, has a lot on her plate. Between classes in school to her photography and band, Emma barely has time for anything else. She also enjoys horseback riding in her spare time.

Her main hobby is maintaining her business. It’s called Uniquine and is a horse-based photography company.

Along with horses, she takes senior pictures for students. She loves to take pictures, but according to Emma, “It’s really hard because there isn’t really a market around here for horses.”


She said that “I usually have to drive an hour away every time but it’s really worth it.”

She enjoys seeing people’s reactions to the photos she takes.

Emma got into photography about 5 years ago when she thought it would fun to take a picture of a horse. After this she continued taking them. She started by using an Ipod touch to take pictures then moved on to a small “point and shoot” camera from her Dad. She started professionally taking pictures sometime in August of 2015 and now has good quality equipment for her business.  

According to Emma, “I go to Kentucky every year because it’s horse country out there and there is a big event that’s three days long, that I really like.” 

– Eliza Blasko


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Rosellen Hansing, Sophomore Contributor

In a high school setting being your true self can be extremely grueling. Especially with the worries of social standards, norms, and opinions. But for Rosellen Hansing, this is her year to show CHS who she truly is.

Canfield has been home to Hansing now for two years, moving from Arizona, but she still has not completely broken out of her shell yet.

“I built a shell, because I was never accepted by the people I grew up around. And when I show glimpses of what I was interested in or how I truly am, I was shut down,” said Hansing.

A new environment for Hansing has created an atmosphere in which she feels serene enough now to show her true self.

“This year I feel comfortable sharing a part of myself because I feel confident with the friends I have and how they’ve taught me not to care what others think,” Hansing said.

With her confidence from her friends, she is not afraid to show what she loves doing to the world.


“I like it because it taught me to understand that it’s okay to not be the best at everything. I’m not going to be number one at everything I do but as long as I’m enjoying it and having fun with people, I am doing it right!” said Hansing.

Running is something Hansing wants to participate in this year, not worrying about the standards and just focusing on herself. Being herself and doing things she loves will help show CHS the real Rosellen Hansing.

“This is going to be my year!” 

– Jillian Mt. Castle

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Ashley Thompson, Sophomore Contributor

You may think having an older sister could be torture, but for Ashley Thompson, it was a blessing.

She and her sister are 3 years in age, but have been best friends since the day her sister, Bree, laid eyes on her.

Growing up with an amazing mom – but one who was not very close to the girls – may have been what pushed the girls to be best friends. The girls originally grew up in Poland and attended a small catholic school called Holy Family. She did not feel like she fit in very well at her old school and not long after, decided to move to Canfield. She now plays volleyball and lacrosse and feels like she fits in better. These two share a close bond and through thick and thin, have always remained together.

“We are very close. We don’t usually fight, which I guess is weird for siblings, but we are really good together and we barely argue,” said Ashley.

Bree is now working on becoming a photographer, so she attends Ashley’s volleyball and lacrosse games whenever possible. They also raise three cats and a dog together, so even with a smaller family, the house is always full.

Thompson and her sister share a bond that many sisters do not have the chance to experience. They enjoy taking photoshoots of one another and spending nights alone where they can stay up late, telling stories and laughing uncontrollably. Moments in the car jamming out or the simple quick visits means the world for these girls.

“She is my greatest blessing from God and I’m so thankful that I’m stuck with her for the rest of my life,” said Thompson.

– Riley Wilkins

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Riley Wilkins, Sophomore Contributor

A home, by technical definition, is a place where someone lives or dwells. As a synonym for house or residence, a home is somewhere one permanently lives, but to many people, the word home means so much more than its denotation.

For Riley Wilkins, home was in St. Louis, Missouri. Wilkins was born and raised there to the age of approximately seven and moved to Canfield, Ohio in 2008.

She enjoyed her early childhood there and misses her life there a great deal.

Wilkins said, “I enjoyed it there mainly because of the people. I had so many good friends there.”

Wilkins shared that she and her past friends were very close to each other and still stay in touch.

She really loved living there and sometimes wishes she could go back to St. Louis.

Riley’s family’s decision to move to Canfield, Ohio impacted her life greatly. Loving Missouri so much, the transition from her old life in St. Louis to her current life in Canfield was fairly difficult.

“It was a rough start because I came here not knowing anyone,” share Wilkins.

After settling in, Riley came to enjoy her new life in Ohio, as well.

When asked which location she favors overall, Wilkins initially answered St. Louis.

“It’s not that I prefer St. Louis over Canfield, but more that I prefer the time and experiences I had there over the ones I have had in Ohio,” said Wilkins.

Riley sai she does not think she’ll return to St. Louis now because her closest friends there have moved away and are spread out across the country. While she doesn’t plan on moving back there, she will always have memories from Missouri she’ll never forget.

– Ashley Thompson

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