Ten teachers’ awkward classroom moments

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To start the new year and break the ice, we asked ten teachers to describe their most awkward experience in the classroom. Here’s what they had to say…

  1. Mr. Ihnat – I turned the corner of the classroom, to see one of my students standing on a chair, sanding his nipple. I asked him what he was doing, like didn’t that hurt, but he said no.The teacher proceeded to tell him it would later. After that week the student shared with the teacher that it had put him in the worst pain of his life all weekend. 
  2. Mr. Jennings – It was my third year of teaching and I was doing a film study with my students. We watched the movie 127 hours, which I knew was a bit gruesome, but didn’t think it would be a big deal. I showed it in two classes. In the first one, during the scene that’s tough to watch, all of a sudden I see this one kid slump out of his chair and gently lay on the floor. I was surprised because I had never seen someone pass out so gently. Then the same thing occurred next period. I was super afraid someone was going to come down and ask why people were passing out in my class, but no one ever questioned it.
  3. Frau Hummer – My classroom was rowdy, I finally got them to calm down. A student decided to say one more thing to set them all off so I picked up the student’s water bottle and poured it on his head. He just stared at me in pure shock. 
  4. Mr. Hlaudy – Twenty-three years ago I was preparing my class for a static electricity experiment with a plasma globe. I would have the kids get up on top of the desk to ground them and in preparation had the chosen students wash their hair with detergent to strip any conditioner still present in order to have better results. After performing the experiment all day, we finally came to last period. One of my students got up on the desk and underwent the experiment as normal, however when she touched the globe, after about thirty seconds of waiting, her hair completely shot up just like a picture from a text book. I was amazed and proceeded to announce in front of my entire classroom of students, “Wow, I’ve done a lot of girls on that table today and by far you’re the best!”
  5. Mrs. Gennaro – In my kindergarten gym class, I was trying to prepare my students by having them put their tennis shoes on. One kid was going a bit slower so I decided to help. I walk up to him and he yells “I can’t tie my f***ing shoes.” He said it super innocently, though, so I don’t think he understand what he said and must have picked it up from his parents, however it completely took me by surprise.
  6. Mr. Pitts – While teaching a middle school class in Florida, I had been moving students around to fit a new seating chart I had set up. After everyone was told their new seat and moved, one student stayed in his old spot and refused to move. I politely asked for him to go to his new seat and picked up his backpack. He then gets in my face and starts yelling no and other unkind words at me. So I tell him if we’re going to fight, we’ll have to go outside so the cameras can see I was defending myself, but it never came to that. 
  7. Mr. Strohecker – My students and I had been at the weight room for my weightlifting class. I knew one of my freshman students very well so I had her sit down in front of the class to show everyone how to do the butterfly stretch. While my student sat on the ground with sweatpants on in the position I’d told her, I pushed down on her legs for a better stretch when the seam of her pants completely blew open in front of all her peers. We still joke about it to this day. 
  8. Senor Martinez – While teaching a college course, one student randomly stood up in the middle of my class and asked “Do you want to be my baby’s daddy?” Not knowing what to say I uncomfortably laughed and went on with the lesson.
  9. Mr. Kerr – As a brand new teacher in 2004, I was teaching middle school, specifically eighth grade. This kid comes up to the board very excited, so I went to give him a high five and he punched me right in the nose. Tears in my eyes from the blow, I completely froze, not knowing what to do, which was really awkward. 
  10.  Mr. Ciminero – In 2015, when we were preparing for the playoffs, I could tell there was something in one of our coaches offices. I could hear whatever it was scratching around. So we went to investigate and discovered a chipmunk living in the back closet. We tried to get it out, but long story short, it ended with all the teachers in the room standing on chairs, screaming, and filming the whole incident. 
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