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Bon Jovi cuts short Pittsburgh tour stop due to illness

Jon Bon Jovi apologized to fans after he ended his concert an hour early.


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As I walked into Pittsburgh’s PPG Paints arena on Wednesday night, the anticipation and excitement swirled around the room fit for 19,000.

At the end of the arena sat Bon Jovi’s bulked up stage set for their 2017 “This House is Not for Sale” tour.

After a rumbling intro video-sequence that featured the band’s tour trucks and buses rolling through Downtown Pittsburgh, and arriving at the arena–Jon Bon Jovi took the stage at 8:45 p.m. with their latest hit “This House is Not for Sale.”

The night started off as one that was to be remembered as Bon Jovi belted out hits like “You Give Love a Bad Name,” “Runaway,” and “It’s My Life,” until he stopped.

Noticeably fatigued both vocally and physically, Jon took to the microphone to say: “Look, I ain’t gonna lie to you. I feel like I’m singing like s*** tonight, and I apologize. If you’ll stick it out with me, I’ll stick it out with you.”

Sitting in my rear stage view seats, I listened intently as the singer of more than 34 years now continued.

Explaining that he had felt ill since their last stop on the North American tour on April 1.

“I feel great! It’s my f****** voice that’s giving me the problem.”

The band went on to play hits featuring “We Got it Goin’ On,” and “Who Say’s You Can’t Go Home,” but something was missing.

Having studied the production and set list beforehand, the show was off.

Six video screens transcended from the three-leveled arena, a section of the show that would usually be set aside for material from their latest 2016 album, but it wasn’t so.

“Let’s do ‘Bad Medicine,'” he said–getting to a bulk of the hits before calling it quits.

Barley an hour and a half in, Bon Jovi declared to the packed venue that he was sorry, saying, “I’m afraid to say this is going to have to be the last one.” As the band began the intro to their anthem “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

The show was scheduled to be nearly two and a half hours, according to Bon Jovi, as he warmed up the audience at the beginning.

Jon Bon Jovi, who recently turned 55, is not one to shy away from the fact that he’s lost some of his ability to hit those high notes, as he sings on the bands latest record, “My voice is shot, I’m going grey, these muscles all ache.”

There were slip-ups and successes, but it wasn’t the night any of us had planned for. However, for one lucky fan seated near the front row, it was a dream come true, as Bon Jovi invited him up on stage to belt out “Born to Be My Baby.” Afterward, he said, “On a night like tonight, I need a karaoke singer!”

The night came to a close with nearly 20,000 people screaming the lyrics to “Livin’ on a Prayer” at the top of their lungs as strobe lights and effects covered the room. Jon? Holding out the microphone for all to join in as he soaked in the close.

“I want to thank you all for your kindness. I’m sorry we couldn’t do the full two and a half hours for you tonight. God bless you all,” said Bon Jovi as the band all joined hands and took a bow to roars of applause.

Jon Bon Jovi exited the stage with his band-mates hugging him as the noticeably shaken up front-man wiped soft tears.

Until next time, Bon Jovi.

Nevertheless, it was still a bucket-list moment.

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Bon Jovi cuts short Pittsburgh tour stop due to illness