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What’s your signature Starbucks drink???

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The Starbucks in Canfield may have just opened it January, but it’s not new to the people. The struggle to find a signature drink is real, and I wanted to see what the students at CHS love the most.

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Are the Starbucks visitors looking for something sweet or a little pick me up of caffeine to help finish their day?

Take Taryn Rothbauer, for example. She typically wouldn’t be a frequent visitor to Starbucks because she couldn’t find anything she liked. After a long list of pros and cons, she compromised and found what she now calls her signature drink. Rothbauer orders a Tall Green Tea Frappuccino with coconut milk and no whip.

Rothbauer said, “It’s the perfect mixture of natural herbs of tea and the sweetness of a Frappuccino. The thickness feels like home.”

Justin Montazeri said, “When I’m looking for something sweet, I like to get a Grande Caramel Frappuccino.”

Montazeri said he orders that drink about two times a week, and it’s usually after eating at Chipotle right next door. 

Then there’s Jordyn Cross, who gets a Grande Soy Latte with two pumps of white mocha and one pump of vanilla. This is a drink you would typically get for a dose of caffeine.  

Cross said, “When I want something hot, this is my drink. The thin consistency and the balance of espresso and flavor is a great match.”

On the other side of the counter are the baristas, the ones who make the drinks. Year long employee and former Canfield High School student Brittany Renouf said, “I am typically making different variations of a White Chocolate Mocha, with different add-ins and takeouts rotating between hot and iced.” Renouf said she became a fan of the drink herself and orders it quite often.

Her coworker chimed in and said that while she is working the drive thru window, she finds customers ordering the featured drink, and at this moment in time they are featuring coconut milk Macchiatos.

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The barista said, “The buy-one get-one free Macchiatos from 2-5 are a big hit.”

She said they get a large crowd of students after school, and as they make their way to their part time jobs.

Since the Starbucks in Canfield is still relatively new, residents are still trying to find their signature drink. From secret menu items to classic Frappucinos, there are almost too many options. In the end you can’t rush this process, it’s not a decision of the mind – it’s a decision of the taste buds.

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What’s your signature Starbucks drink???