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Is the ukulele too mainstream?

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“Hipsters are the most mainstream kind of people there are honestly,” said senior Lexie Page.

The 2010’s appear to be a trendsetting era; however, upon closer analysis, the 1920’s simply shone through in a different light.

The twenties are often thought of as the Gatsby-esque era, with flapper dresses, elaborate parties, and bootlegging, however there are always two sides to a story. The “other side,” if you will, includes shorter hair, the advancements in record players, and, returning ever so strongly, the ukulele.

As many question exactly why this little instrument is making its return, the students of Canfield High School know just why.

“Its very simple. It’s not hard to learn, and if you’re trying to learn your first instrument, the uke is a good place to start… and you can travel with it where ever you want,” junior Jen Smith first acknowledged, as senior Marissa Cashbaugh added, “It’s just a cool set of community, from an instrument, and normally you don’t see that.”

However, compared to other instruments, “the Uke is versatile,” Cashbaugh explained.

“With the piano you only have what’s on the board, but here you can tune it as low as you want, as high as you want… so it’s whatever you want,” Sareena Sethi elaborated even further.

The ukulele is known for its origin in Hawaii, that mainland Americans discovered during World War Two. However it truly originated off the Islands of Portugal, before it traveled over to Hawaii. Along the way it was mutated from an instrument truly meant to be plucked string by string to one that is strummed using mainly chords.

“I do like plucking, but I don’t know how to do it very well… I have an appreciation for the original way it was meant to be done,” Smith expressed as the other students seem to all agree on this particular aspect of playing.

This leaves us to wonder whether or not there even is such a thing as a trendsetter or for that reason of a trend follower. If everything is constantly being morphed and changed into something new, while everything is still originating from something.

As Smith thought about just that, she expressed, “It just depends on what you want. If you feel like you want to be a flapper from the twenties, then dude do it.”

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The student news site of Canfield High School.
Is the ukulele too mainstream?