How to not be lame on Sweetest Day

Olivia Governor

October 20th. Probably one of the least celebrated holidays on the calendar. Groundhog Day? Columbus Day? No, it’s Sweetest Day, Valentine’s Day’s ugly cousin. Even if you don’t celebrate it, here are some fun ideas to add a spark to you dating life!

Go to the movies?
Lame…make your own! Be completely goofy together. Nobody else has to see it! Here are some ideas to get the creative juices going.

-Keep it simple, have a video full of things you want to do, or have done together. Just set up the webcam and talk!

-Get younger siblings involved, they’re usually full of good ideas.

Go to dinner?
Lame…here are some good recipes of things to make together instead of going out for dinner!

-Start with this perky pimento cheese dip for an appetizer

-Then make pasta or pizza with this awesome sauce

-Finish the evening with this delectable dessert… Oreo Truffles never get old!

-Setting: Blow up an inflatable pool, fill it up with blankets and other comfy things and have a picnic without worrying about bugs crawling all over you!

If you really want to go out, be interesting! Go to different restaurants for each part of the meal! Get a cool drink at Peaberry’s, appetizers at Ruby Tuesdays, entrees at Zenobia’s and dessert at Menchie’s or Handel’s!

Get flowers?
Lame! Carve pumpkins together instead.  If you want to keep the flower idea, carve a pumpkin into a flower! It will last a while and fit the season much better!  Another idea is to pick flowers from somewhere (neighbor’s yard, Mill Creek Park, mom’s garden)! Don’t be afraid to go to great lengths for love!

“Movie Night”?
Lame…come on, you could have a movie night any night! Bust out the old family videos. They’re the best way to learn about each other’s childhood and family!

Get a card?
Lame…anybody could run into Walgreen’s and buy a card last minute and slap his or her name on it, but it takes heart to make a card. If you want an awesome, handmade card but don’t think you have the skills to do it yourself, go to ETSY. ETSY is like eBay for handmade goods. Trust us, you’ll become addicted.

Make a C.D.?
Well this one is hard to mess up, so here are some suggestions for songs to put on it!

“So In Love” – The Icarus Account

“If My Heart was a House” – Owl City

“Meteor Shower” – Owl City

“I Love You” – Chris Brown

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” – Ingrid Michaelson

“Try” – Asher Book

“Women Like You” – Lee Brice

“Kiss Me” – Ed Sheeran

“She’s got a Way” – Billy Joel (if you want to go old school)

“The Best Thing” – Relient K

“Home” – Edward Sharpe

Lame…UNLESS you hand pick them, knowing that there won’t be the dreaded coconut or almond chocolates. A great place to check out is Lilly’s Chocolates in Cleveland.

Cute text?
Lame… So you and your snookie can’t be together. To make up for your absence, plan it out a few days in advance and leave a cute note somewhere! Sock drawer, Wheat Thins box, gum package, and so on! Another good idea is make an e-card on