What Is Title 9?

Canfield High School is taking a big step towards equality and supporting women’s sports. They hand-picked one senior from each of the 12 different sports to help put this together, along with their coaches. One of the seniors associated with this project is Josie Sipe.

She said, “I thought it would be a really cool opportunity… I thought it’d be a really good way to make a mark on the school.”

What is Title 9? 

When Josie was asked what Title 9 is, she replied, “A law passed 50 years ago that said there was not to be any discrimination based on gender in schools and universities.’’

This is the 50th year of Title 9, but the first year that Canfield High School is honoring it. However, this is something they plan to continue for years to come.

Sipe said, “We’re going to keep doing this year after year, and it’s really cool to be a part of the beginning and leave a legacy.”

In today’s society people pay more attention to boys sports than girls. It is known that more people attend boys sporting events, and support them on social media more than girls. It is because of Title 9 that some people think that more people will start to attend more girls games.

“All the female athletes are going to one of each women’s sporting events, and I think that because all the girls are going, it’ll make parents – and maybe even the guys – be like, ‘I wanna see what this looks like, I wanna see what it looks like to have a bunch of people at a women’s game,’” Sipe said.  

Sipe also explained that Title 9 was sponsored by women-owned businesses. Thanks to R46, Grey boutique, One Hot Cookie, and Zenobia, they were able to buy shirts for every female athlete. Because of their sponsorship, every girl athlete will wear their shirt to each others games, and to school that day.  This is a good way to show support for each other.  The shirts have the slogan “12 sports, 1 team,” which was thought of by the senior girls who helped make Title 9 happen, one of which was Josie.

“I did help come up with the “12 sports 1 team” slogan, we just came into school in August at like 8 A.M., and we just got on the whiteboard and started drafting ideas of what we thought could be cool and we just landed on “12 sports 1 team,” she said.