Canfield student section’s impact is felt on and off the field

On Friday nights, the Canfield Cardinals football team steps onto the field and plays a hard fought game. All of this while being supported by their fellow peers in the student section. These students have a definite impact upon their team, and players voiced their opinions on the student section.

Wide receiver and defensive back Oliver Kovass, said, “It’s great to have the students support us, it gets us pumped up.”

Full back and linebacker Toby Smith added, “It really helps you when you’re tired, and it’s cool to look up and see all your friends cheering for you.”

The energy that the students provide does not only occur at home games. The crowd will even travel to away games such as this year’s home opener against Poland. Recently, they displayed their true dedication to their team. This was by traveling all the way to New Philadelphia, which is almost two hours away.

Offensive lineman Nick Bowen said, “It’s good to see the student body come out and see us that far away.”

Besides cheering for a big play, the chants are a big part of the student section. Kovass, Bowen and Smith all said that their favorite was “You can’t do that!” which is yelled after the opposing team commits a penalty.

It seems as if nothing can stop these students from coming out to support their team. Unfortunately, last year’s restrictions were set for the football games due to COVID-19. This prevented the students from showing up to the games.

When comparing this year to the previous season Smith said, “It’s a lot different this year than last year without the students coming to the games.”

Overall, the student section has a serious impact on the games played.