CHS swim team qualifies for state


Qualifying for state is an accomplishment that very few achieve. Four individuals from the CHS swim team had the chance to compete in state: Ty Schaab, Cameron Burnett, Luke Dietz, and Connor Fritz. We had the pleasure of interviewing two of the state qualifiers, Cameron Burnett and Ty Schaab.

Both started swimming at a young age, Burnett at 8 and Schaab at 7.  Over the years, their love for the sport has grown and allowed them to become successful in swimming. 

Schaab said, “…Obviously like I love the sport and the sport is fun but for me it’s probably the people.”

He elaborated on this and described how, on an old swim team, he had thought about quitting, but his coaches persuaded him to continue. This led to the formation of relationships that he still has today.

Both boys have been to state once before this year. They shared similar experiences and feelings toward their first time at state. 

Burnett explained, “When I got there it was pretty nerve racking…but I felt more comfortable once I got in the water.” 

Later Schaab also described the experience as, “…once you get out there they do a speech and they say, ‘This is one of the fastest meets in the country’. And you just get chills throughout your whole body, and I freak out. Cam last year at sectionals was like, ‘You gotta walk with me to the block because I’m gonna throw up.’”

While state is very nerve racking, it also allows the team to create special memories. Ty Schaab describes a time when the team listened to music, specifically the Christmas song “Little Drummer Boy.” These experiences allow the team to relax and just have fun. It’s a great way to get the team excited and hyped up. 

As hard as it is to get to state the process of getting ready is just as rigorous. Obviously there are the basic tasks of practicing and eating healthy, but the team has other interesting ways of preparation. 

Schaab said, “Personally I have been doing a bunch of weird stuff. I’ve been drinking beet juice which is an interesting thing. I’ve been eating healthy probably for the last month. I cut out sweets the last two months, I don’t think I’ve eaten a sweet in forever. Pretty much I’ve just been resting as much as I can. I’ve been stretching every other night.” 

While the beet juice was one interesting part of preparation for Ty Schaab they both explained that the team shaves their whole body and do not cut their nails. The smallest things help swimmers compete to the best of their ability. 

Lastly, we asked if either one of them would like to pursue swimming in the future. As of now Schaab is seriously considering it and Burnett responded yes. 

When asked about any specific colleges they are interested in Burnett said, “I do, Xavier. That’s probably my number one because my cousin goes there and they are D1 for swimming.”

The swim team had a very successful season this year. At state the relay team placed 11th and 13th in their relays, which is a huge accomplishment to achieve. We wish this talented team luck in the future.