New trainer Saverko has big shoes to fill

Stephanie Saverko is Canfield’s new athletic trainer, replacing the long employed Denny Kovach. 

Saverko always knew that this is what she has wanted to do.

“I’ve wanted to be an athletic trainer since I was eleven,” Saverko said. “I went to YSU for a couple years, then transferred to Kent.”

From there, she got accepted into the program in 2012, and graduated in 2016.

Stephanie then went on to talk about her additional schooling.

“I accepted a masters program which was two years at Youngstown State, and mastered in health and human services, specifying in health promotion and health administration,” she said.

She has also had a plethora of experience before coming to Canfield.

“I did a graduate assistantship with the [YSU] volleyball team, and then got a job at Akron Childrens’ hospital in 2018, worked at Mooney for two years, and now here at Canfield.”

Stephanie likes it here so far at Canfield: “You guys are all, as a team, dedicated to your sport, you guys work very hard.”

She continued, “You are a family, and all work together which is a lot different than I’ve seen at other schools.”

When asked what she would like to see change, selflessly she said something that would benefit the team and players, “I would like to see a nicer facility for you guys, a nice athletic training room, with really good rehab equipment”

Stephanie was asked the difference she has seen from here, and her past team at Mooney, and said, “You guys actually care to get better, to get healthy. You work as a family.”

Mr. Cochran, the Athletic Director for Canfield had nothing but good things to say about Stephanie, “She has done a good job in making sure everyone gets back on the field healthy.”

He went on to say some of her strengths are communication and having a good sense of humor.

Stephanie is a great addition to the Canfield Athletic Department and has loved her time here so far. She has made many many close bonds already, with different athletes across the board, despite being with us for just a few months.