Nascar 2020 with Ryan Vargas and Anthony Alfredo

Griffin Littler, Sophomore Contributor

In NASCAR, everyone knows the Cup Series and the drivers involved: Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. But not a lot of people know that their is two other series with a set of their own drivers. The Xfinity Series and the Gander Truck Series are home to many drivers and teams including Anthony Alfredo and Ryan Vargas, two Xfinity drivers who are determined to make a name for themselves.

2020 is a huge year for Anthony Alfredo. He will be driving for Richard Childress Racing in the #21 Chevrolet part time in the 2020 season in the Xfinity Series. When asked about this opportunity he had this to say,

“Really it all came together around the time of Homestead at the end of the year. I didn’t have a plan for 2020 and had some options that were up in the air. I received what to me was a random phone call that happened to be from someone at RCR. From there I had a conversation which led to an interview at RCR with Richard Childress himself and a few others, and the rest is history. It is such an incredible opportunity for me and I’m so blessed to be in this position. I am so ready to make the most out of it and make everyone who has believed in me proud,” said Alfredo.

Alfredo is moving up from the Gander Outdoors Truck Series to the Xfinity Series to drive the 21 Xfinity car which are very different than the Trucks he’s driven in the past.

Alfredo said, “It’s very exciting. The cars handle completely different and it is even more competitive so I’m excited to take this step. I think the type of racing and the way the cars drive will fit my style and I have the right people and equipment around me to help make it go well.”

As for Ryan Vargas he has not finalized a deal to drive for a team in 2020 but hopes to have one sometime this year.

Vargas said, “Still working on getting that stuff sorted out. Hope to have everything ready soon!”

Vargas got some opportunities last year to drive for Johnny Davis Motorsports at multiple tracks, including his first Xfinity start at Iowa Speedway.

“I remember the nerves I had, seeing my name on an Xfinity car. Most racers only dream of making it to that level, including myself, so having it all come real easy incredible. I remember walking through the garage area in my suit thinking, ‘I’m really doing this, I’m about to race Xfinity.’ The car we brought was great, better than where I put it. We were up to I believe 13-14th at one point, racing door to door with Michael Annett, Brandon Brown, Josh Williams and Ray Black, and I remember in the midst of that thinking ‘holy crap I’m up with the big boys, the guys who’ve been doing this a lot longer than me.’ I felt that day was a statement race, and hearing Johnny Davis come over the radio after the race telling me I did a great job made it even more special.”

When it came to introducing new fans or people who have never watched NASCAR  and are unsure if its for them, both Vargas and Alfredo had this to say, “Go to a race, take it all in. The screaming engines, the buzzing pit guns, the smell of burnt rubber and race fuel. You’ll never forget it. Talk to race fans while you’re there! Racing fans are some of the most genuine and welcoming people you’ll meet, because you all are there for the love and badassery of racing.” 

“Definitely go to some races and try to get the full experience. Karting is also a great place to start to get your feet wet as a driver and see how much they enjoy it!” said Alfredo.

We hope Alfredo and Vargas have a great 2020 season in the Xfinity Series and further prove that they have great potential in NASCAR.