Junior Prather is scoring #GOALS

Anna Dudash, Senior Contributor

Morgan “Moe” Prather, a junior at Canfield High School, is the only female to play for the school’s hockey team. This is Prather’s first year on the hockey team, and so far it has been a success.

Around the age of five, Prather started her athletic career playing soccer. However, since then, Prather says she has not been allowed to play full contact sports like she wanted.

According to Prather, she was not allowed to play full contact sports because “like, girls don’t play those sports.”

When asked if she thinks that girls should be allowed to play full contact sports, Prather said, “I don’t think it’s a matter of like, should girls be allowed to play it, it’s just like, why don’t they? Then also, there are a lot of guys that should not be in contact sports, and there are girls who should be in contact sports. It’s just a matter of physical abilities rather than gender.”

In recent times, Prather is the only girl to play for Canfield hockey. She has been interested in playing hockey since the 8th grade, but she was not allowed because “it’s not a girls sport.”

Prather said, “This is the year that I finally was like: ‘I’m gonna play it’ because I drive now. I was going to play no matter what.”

Prather has always liked hockey, she said it is the only sport she actually understands and she enjoys watching it just as much as she enjoys playing it. Prather had no prior experience to ice-skating, so she pushed herself this year to learn before the season started. Prather said she definitely has to put in more work and practice than the boys do.

She said, “I’m five foot and half the weight and half the size of most of the other people on the team. To get halfway across the ice I have to work twice as hard.” 

Prather recommends more girls to play hockey, but not for the women empowerment. Girls should join hockey willfully and because they truly want to play, not to prove some kind of point.

She added, “I play hockey because I love it, not because I’m a girl.” 

Prather has put her blood and sweat into training for hockey. She says she has gotten sick on multiple occasions due to the intensity and she even hired a personal trained so she can “beef up” for the sport. She says a lot of other girls think she joined hockey just for fun. She says it is fun, but a lot of work.

Prather concluded, “I’m really excited about this season. We have a really great team this year. Some of those guys are genuinely some of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met.”