Swimmers prepared to dive into a new season

Elle Dawson, Senior Contributor

Football season for Canfield is now over, but that doesn’t mean there will be no more Canfield sports to follow: swim season has just begun. 

Although swimming is an underrated sport, the athletes involved have quite the workload. They practice six days a week at YSU for two hours, with an additional hour weightlifting session before school on three of those days. 

Swimming is a big commitment and it has been tough for the swimmers to stick through it all. A few have even decided to not continue. 

Junior Sabreen Ahmad revealed, “I felt like I didn’t have time for anything but swim. It really stressed me out.” 

Sabreen was on the team both her freshman and sophomore year, but after one day of practice this year she decided to call it quits. Not having time for other activities has been a concern swimmers have had for years, but this year the team feels it on a whole new level. 

In seasons past, the swim team practiced at YSU almost right after school. The bus would leave at 3:45 and practice started at 4:30. Swimmers would even just stay after school to do their homework, rather than going home everyday. This year the team’s slot was changed from 4:30-6:30 to 6:30-8:30. This means the bus leaves the high school at 5:45 and they get back at 9:15. These times can really be a struggle for student athletes considering they have to do things when they get home like shower, eat dinner, do homework and study. Adjusting may take a few weeks, but the team looks strong this season. 

However, the team wouldn’t be possible without a leader. The Canfield swim coach position is like a revolving door. In the past four years, the team has seen seven different coaches. They all stuck around for about a year. This year, Jamie Stahl, assistant coach in 2016, decided to take on the challenge of head coach. Jamie and her brother coached together in 2016, but neither returned for the following season. 

Coach Jamie said, “I’m excited for the season ahead. The team looks great and hopefully with my help they can be on top again.” 

Make sure to come support the team this season by coming out to some meets. The first one is Saturday, November 30. The calendar for meet times and locations are posted on the school website.