Meet the Canfield Lady Cards basketball team!

Gianna DeLucia and Angelina Savich

On November 8, players from both the girls and boys basketball teams in grades 7th-12th grade 7-12 participated in an interactive meet the team where all players wore their uniforms and either played five-on-five games or ran complex basketball drills for 4-6 minutes. 

This fairly new basketball tradition is a great way to get as many people from the community supporting the entire Canfield basketball organization rather than just one team.

The meet the team event was a joint effort between both girls and boys basketball teams.  Coach Reel and Coach Muckleroy collaborated to make the event something special and memorable for all present.

To start the night for the girls, announcer Ken English announced the seventh grade girls, coached by Coach Merrit, and the eighth grade girls, coached by Coach Harmon.

As English announced the names of the young girls, the girls ran through a tunnel the older players made. The tunnel was simply two lines of people facing each other with their hands basically elevated towards the sky interlocked with the person opposite of them. The simple gesture showed a strong community or family like bond the girls basketball program creates. The excited young girls ran through the tunnel, with their teammates cheering them on, throwing shirts and tiny rubber basketballs into the crowd. Once the two teams were announced, they ran the popular basketball drill known as Lisbon for four minutes in front of the excited crowd. The young basketball players showed great promise for the future and the possibilities of upcoming Lady Cards high school careers!

The next team to be announced was the freshman squad coached by Coach L. Pavlansky. The freshman team was introduced the same as the seventh and eighth grade team. They then participated in a five on five game for six minutes. The class of 2023 seemed very excited to be apart of the high school basketball program. They all played with such enthusiasm, it was nice to see the girls enjoying the sport they love. 

Following the girls freshman team is the girls JV team coached by Coach Pat Pavlansky. The JV team was introduced the same as the teams before. They then participated in a five on five game for six minutes. The team, comprised of grades ranging from freshman to junior class, is filled with potential and enthusiasm that the crowd was excited to see.

The last team to be announced for the girls was the varsity team coached by Coach Reel. The varsity team was announced the same as everyone else. They then participated in a five on five game for the duration of six minutes. The varsity team, as young as they are, is filled with much talent and with time will become a dangerous team in the area. 

Senior Aiden Orvlovsky had a few words about what meet the team means to her.

“I think the meet the team is important to get everyone in the whole basketball community (7th-12th grade) and all of their supporters excited about all of the potential in this upcoming season. It’s really cool to see how many people truly care enough to pack the stands for the Canfield basketball program,” she said.

While Sophomore Abbey King expressed her expectations for the upcoming season.

“I think all of our teams have the potential to be great squads. Just from the meet the team you can tell how much talent is in our program. I’m really excited for the season to start to see what we can do as a team.”