Volleyball seniors prepare to close their season, careers

Ava Shapiro, Senior Contributor

Although the volleyball team’s regular season has come to a close, the girls are continuing into their tournament season with excitement and hard work. We spoke to some of the volleyball players to get a sense of how they are feeling about the start of tournament season and how they are reflecting on the end of their senior year.

Senior volleyball players Jenna DeLisio and Abbi Havrilla have been teammates since seventh grade, and are now playing their final season together along with 7 other girls graduating this year. 

“It was so cool to be able to play with the same group. We’ve played our whole lives together, and we’re finish this together too,” said DeLisio.

While their teamwork on the court has served them well thus far, they have hit some bumps in the road during their season. DeLisio, team captain and starting setter, injured her right knee in the springtime during a club volleyball game and had to get surgery shortly thereafter. Consequently, she was unable to play for the beginning of their season. 

“I wish I could have been playing and not miss out on my last season, but it all worked out in the end. My team always supported me.”

What made this season particularly special to the girls was the fact that they had the largest group of seniors in Canfield volleyball history, with nine girls on the roster. With this many talented seniors, it’s no wonder why they have had such a great year.

An eventful volleyball season comes with it’s highs and lows. Even though the seniors are excited to graduate in the spring, they will miss their times on the team. As they move to the end of their high school volleyball days, they are preparing to pass the torch to the juniors. Along with the responsibility and seniority, they are also giving wisdom they’ve learned this year to the girls after them.

“I wish we didn’t have as much conflict. There can be a lot of problems with team dynamics on the court, mostly because we aren’t afraid to yell at each other. But I would tell the juniors this: don’t worry about every little thing. Have fun because it’s your last season with this team, make it worth it,” Havrilla said.

“Don’t focus on drama, and try to have as much fun as you can,” added DeLisio.

As they advance to district competition, they are going in with new tactics and high hopes. Now that they don’t have guaranteed games unless they keep winning, they are on their toes and ready to fight.

“We’ve been doing a lot more focused drills instead of game drills,” said Havrilla. “Once we lose we are done, so we have to make every game count.”