Houston Astros predicted to win the 2019 World Series

Nicholas Magliocca, Freshman Contributor

World Series Prediction

The 2019 MLB season is wrapping up but not before the playoffs are over. As of today (october 11,2019). So far the two series left before World Series is the American League Championship (ALCS) and the National League Championship (NLCS). The teams competing in the ALCS are the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees. The teams competing in the NLCS are the Washington Nationals and the St. Louis Cardinals.


How these 4 teams got here

At the start of the playoffs the Yankees swept the Minnesota Twins in three games in  the ALDS to advance to the ALCS. The Astros won game five of the ALDS against the Tampa Bay Rays.The Washington nationals had to beat the Milwaukee Brewers in the wild card game and then the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLDS to advance to the NLCS. Lastly, the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Atlanta Braves in game 5 of the NLDS to advance to the NLCS.


The maximum number of games in the championship series is seven so I will predict to all seven games. The Astros and Yankees will face off for game one on October 12. I predict an Astros win in game one with a score of 5-2. In game two, I also think the Astros will win with a score of 3-2. In game three, I predict a Yankees win with a score of 7-5. I think the Yankees will also win game four with a score of 3-1.The Astros will win game five with a score of 9-5.The Yankees will come back in game six to force a game seven with a score of 2-1.The Astros will win game seven with a score of 7-4 to advance to the World Series.The Astros advance to the World Series.


ALCS prediction overview

Game 1: Astros 5-2

Game 2: Astros 3-2

Game 3: Yankees 7-5

Game 4: Yankees 3-1

Game 5: Astros 9-5

Game 6: Yankees 2-1

Game 7: Astros 7-4



      Again since the series can last up to seven games I will predict all seven games.The first game for the Cardinals and Nationals is October 11th. Game one I predict a 4-2 win for the Cardinals. In Game two I predict a Nationals win 6-4. In game three I predict a nationals win 7-5. In game four I predict a cardinals win 6-2. In game five I predict the Nationals to win 2-0. In game six the cardinals will win 5-4. The Nationals will win game seven and move onto the world series with a score of 8-6.The Nationals will advance to the World Series.


NLCS prediction overview

Game 1: Cardinals 4-2

Game 2: Nationals 6-4

Game 3: Nationals 7-5

Game 4: Cardinals 6-2

Game 5: Nationals 2-0

Game 6:Cardinals 5-4

Game 7: Nationals 8-6


World Series 

 I predict the Houston Astros and the Washington nationals to face off in the 2019 world series. The first game of the world series will start on October 22.In game 1 the Astros will win 4-2.In game 2 the Astros will also win 5-2.In game 3 the Nationals will win 6-2.In game 4 the nationals will win again 9-6.In game 5 the nationals will win 11-8.Game 6 the Astros will win 7-6.The Houston Astros will win game 7 with a score of 9-7.The Astros will win the World Series.


World series prediction overview

Game 1: Astros 4-2

Game 2: Astros 5-2

Game 3: Nationals 6-2

Game 4: Nationals 9-6

Game 5: Nationals 11-8

Game 6: Astros 7-6

Game 7: Astros 9-7


  Why I chose the Astros

I chose the Astros because they are a really tough team with a phenomenal bullpen with Justin verlander, Gerrit Cole, and Zach Greinke. Also, the Astros position players are skilled and athletic with lots of power.The nationals have a great bullpen also with Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg,and Anibal Sanchez.But the nationals don’t have as good of  position players as the Astros ( they are still great).The Astros are a young team with lots of talent and potential .That is my prediction for the winner of the World series all the way from the ALCS and the NLCS.