CHS wrestling in the grip of another strong season

Callia Barwick, Junior Contributor

Canfield High School has many winter sports for the community to enjoy throughout the week, the most memorable sports team though is the Canfield High School Wrestling Team. With Canfield having two state title winners and holding the team second place title for the whole state of Ohio. The Canfield Wrestling program has become well known throughout the community. With all of this, the team is getting ready for a third year in a row to send their team to state to bring back the state title.

Keeping this goal as the team’s main motivation, Senior Captain Tyler Stein, said that the team was able to keep their mind set for the title as their main goal.

“The team’s motivation comes from a bunch of different things. Winning, improving, impressing each other and just working at our craft everyday is what keeps everyone going today as they were in December.”

When talking with another member of the team, Junior Richie Hofus, informed us about how the season had been going for the team. “ We’ve won and placed high at multiple tournaments this year. We’ve had our ups and downs. As well as our fair share of setbacks, but that’s what comes with a long season. We’ve always bounced back and have found a way to be successful.”

The team is made up of  members. These members are able to work together and support one another for the whole season and even during the off season. When I asked Hofus what three words best describes the team as “ dedicated, hardworking, and family.”

With already having competed in 26 matches this year, the team is not stopping, but their most memorable match this year was the win against Erie Cathedral Prep. This team is ranked number two in Pennsylvania, and ranked top 25 throughout the nation.

The team though contributes all of their success to the amazing coaching staff that they have backing this team one-hundred percent.

Stein says, “ The coaches are like the parents of the team, we are legitimately family and they truly are the glue that holds this team together through thick and thin.”

Having a great support system set in place, great motivation, incredibly focus, and balancing it all is the key for this wrestling team.

Stein concluded with, “ State titles are goals because in high school wrestling are like the holy grail of awards. No one outside of wrestling will ever be able to understand the pain and gain that you go through in order to earn a state title. It is days, weeks, months, and years of preparation for a total off six minutes in the middle of the mat in Columbus.”

He concluded with, “All aspects of life are improved because of wrestling, and it will always be the team and myself’s one true love.”