Recapping the 2019 boys basketball regular season

Callia Barwick, Junior Contributor

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With winter sports wrapping up, Canfield’s athletes have been able to look back at the season. One sports program in particular is the boys basketball team. With the team record of 11-10 this season. Canfield Junior guard, Joey Bruno, says that the most memorable game for the team was that against Poland High School.

He said, “ Everyone played their guts out for the Canfield program. The win was beyond just a basketball game, it was for the whole Canfield School district. The win meant so much to each and every player and coach.”

The Canfield boys basketball team is coached by head coach Todd Muckleroy, assistant coaches Joe Carbon, Anthony Cameous and JV coach Cory Lanterman. Canfield Senior Captain and forward position, Kyle Gamble, says that without the coaches the team would not have made it to where they are.

Gamble said, “The coaches keep us organized and push us to keep working.”

The team this year has had a lot of ups and downs throughout, but Kyle believes that three words to describe how the team has been doing this year are tough, togetherness and exciting.

The team just recently received their seed position within the district. Canfield High School has received the 5th seed position. With this, their first championship game will be held on February 26th at Home at 7pm against Salem. If the team is able to earn a win, they will move on within the championship.

Bruno also said, “ We have a tough road to win out, but we definitely have all the confidence in the world to come out as champions.”

The team believes with the way they have now created great chemistry the last few games, that they will be able to prove that this team is not going down without a fight throughout the tournament.

“Our biggest strength comes from the fact that no one on our team isn’t able to contribute. We are all able capable of helping out and no matter who we have on the court we have no liabilities,” said Gamble.