CHS hockey starts a new season

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CHS hockey starts a new season

Aidyn Jones

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The first thing that come to mind when you say “Canfield athletics” is normally football, basketball, and maybe even baseball. However, a new and overlooked sport is on the rise: hockey.

Canfield High School’s hockey team started off the season right with a win in their preseason tournament. Seniors on the team, Vincent Hepola, Jones Epp, and Stone Elias believe their work ethic and team bonding may be the reason for it.

The team practices twice a week, two hours on-ice and two hours off-ice doing workouts. Hepola believes their current 1-3 record is not an accurate representation of the team’s ability considering that they went 4-0 in their preseason tournament.

The boys also said that the main reason they think their team is going to be successful this season is the bond between the players.

Epp said, “The beginning of the season we just had a closer bond than last year with better dynamics.”

When it comes to work ethic Hepola said, “We are preparing for our games a lot more than we have in the past with conditioning beforehand, this year it’s been pretty good the team warms up together even before practice rather than just sitting in the locker room.”

The team won their preseason Thanksgiving tournament. To celebrate, they lined up to get their trophy, tackled each other on the ice, and could not stop cheering. After this season ends, the seniors had advice to pass down to the upcoming players.

Hepola hopes that there will be upcoming players will have a strong hockey background, considering they have been lucky in the past to have experienced players. He said, “You just have to keep working in the future despite a short bench, but it is a lot of fun.”

Stone Elias said “Stay positive and keep working towards your goal.”

The Canfield Hockey team decided they had been in the dark for too long, so they decided to shine. The boys will continue into the season with positivity and dedication.

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