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Athletes’ work doesn’t stop during off-season

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The student athletes of Canfield High School work hard during their seasons, but work on another level during the off-season. These athletes are constantly trying to improve their skills from the previous years. Their motivation and work ethic help them to achieve their goals; they strive for greatness, and will accept nothing less.

First, we start with Tennis State Champion Sydney Cianciola who has devoted her life to her sport.

Starting at the age of 2, her mom as her coach, and her two siblings playing, tennis over the years has become more than a sport it has become more of passion.

“I feel more pressure from my sister (Hannah Cianciola), than I do my brother (Timmy Cianciola),” said Cianciola.

After a long three month long season, Cianciola gives herself no time off: “After the season, I give myself maybe a few days off.” Cianciola wastes no time; she’s constantly working to improve her skills. When asked how much Cianciola practices she responded, “I hit everyday.”

A challenge Cianciola faces is fitting everything into her schedule: “Balancing school and tennis can be difficult at times,but I’ve gotten used to it.” Going to Cleveland multiple times a week to hit with her second coach, studying for tests, doing homework, and making time for friends can be a hard task, but Cianciola manages it all.

Cianciola encompasses what a student athlete is all about; maintaining exceptional grades while playing the sport she loves everyday.

Our next student athlete is Junior basketball player, Kyle Gamble.

If you drive down Brookpark Drive, you should expect to see Gamble practicing his basketball skills.

The season extends over a long period: “Basketball season is from October to around the beginning of March,” said Gamble. Juggling after school practice and AP classes can become difficult, especially since the team barely gets a break.

“Last year, the team took about a month off, but this year we got about a week off,” said Gamble.

Gamble and his teammates do everything they can do to excel during their next season: “It’s not mandatory to go to practice during the off-season, but the coaches strongly advise us to go do whatever we can to get better.” Gamble often attends off-season practices.

When asked about what an off-season practice would look like, Gamble responded, “Practice for me now consists of lifting for about an hour, and then depending on what we want to do we’ll either run, shoot, or play 2v2 or 1v1.”

Gamble hopes all of his hard work during this offseason pays off for his final year on the team.

Our last student athlete is Junior Golfer, Hannah Keffler.

Keffler devotes most of her time outside of school to golf both when in season, and when not in season.

Her season occurs in the fall, and she usually gives herself around a month after it ends before she starts practicing again.

Keffler during her off-season practices at the Golf Dome, heated ranges, or she practices putting inside. She also likes to get in at least 3 core and leg workouts a week to gain extra strength.

“I do tournaments up until school season starts usually from early April to late August and I usually have at least three a week during the summer but only one during school time,” Keffler answered when asked if she participates in tournaments.

When asked how much Keffler plays in the summer she answered, “I play 6 days a week in the summer.”

Keffler wishes to have an even more successful golf season than she has had in the past, because of her dedication and work ethic during the off season.

Canfield High School student athletes, as you can see, are persistent and always on their “A” game both in season and off season. These students hope that their off-season training will pay off during their seasons to come.

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About the Writer
Cece Economus, Senior Contributor

Cece Economus

Senior Cece Economus has always had school spirit, but this year, that was set in stone when she was elected Spirit Coordinator.

The Spirit Coordinator at Canfield is one of the 13 members of the Senior Class officers with the President, Vice President, Secretary, etc. All of these positions have to be recommended by 2 teachers, get 15 student signatures, and fill out a nomination packet to even be allowed to run in the election.

Before the election last May she was, “really hoping I got elected because I thought I had some really great ideas.” She admits that at first she was nervous and didn’t know if she’d win. But once she got all the signatures, recommendations, and turned in the packet, everyone else running against her dropped out of the election.

Obviously, she won the election and is now the Spirit Coordinator. With the new title, Economus now has a new set of responsibilities.

“I helped get the senior car, I’m in charge of the student section so if Mr. Moldovan or any of the other school administrators has a question then they’ll come to me, I got to help out with the themes a little bit, and help come up with the ideas for the banner in front of the student section.”

She also runs the student section Twitter account which announces all the themes for games, tells people when games are for all sports, and retweets all things Canfield.

“Chance and I run the account together and that’s probably the most fun part of the job. I get to pick the pictures to post and what captions to put on. Everything has to look official so I always make Chance text me before he posts anything.”

Along with being the Spirit Coordinator, she’s also one of the flag runners at the football games and one of the leaders of the student section.

“Having school spirit kinda makes school fun for me. If everyone has school spirit, that’s when everything is more fun.”

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Athletes’ work doesn’t stop during off-season