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Showcasing Our Best… Swim and Dive

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Every sport is known for their own specific attributes. Some are known for the fans. Others are known for the athletes themselves. Some, however, are simply unknown.

Swim and Dive is just that. While most are aware of it, most are unaware of what it actually is. With four different strokes, four different races types, and five different distances this sport is just that, different.

I was able to sit in on a day that a typical Canfield swimmer and diver would have, and it became apparent that I was not surrounded by a team, but rather a family.

This team fights, “but you get through it,” explained senior Rachel Williams.

This team gets annoyed.

This team puts each other first.

They are comfortable being themselves around each other.

“We know everything about each other,” said senior Maggie Brucoli.

What created this bond isn’t that these athletes have all that much in common or even that they like each other all that much, but the environment created by their coaches, Brian Stahl and Ron Navarra, allows for these connections to form.

Starting with these bonds, the coaches work with their athletes to become disciplined both mentally and physically. Practices are every day prior to school in the weight room, six o’clock until seven o’clock, and everyday for four hours at the pool. These aren’t typical practices that you could stop and take a breath during, not only because you would drown and die, but also because the coaches keep a careful watch of each of the twenty-seven athletes as they help them improve in even the slightest way. Coach Stahl knows just what his athletes can handle, and then he pushes them even further.

The longer and harder that anyone thinks about the time, effort, and strength it takes to be involved with this team, the more apparent it becomes just how under-appreciated this sport is.

“A lot of people just don’t know about it,” Marissa Marzano explained.

So then why do these athletes continue to push themselves to this extent, if they get little to no recognition?

“A big part of it is the people,” Lauren Grimm said, once again reaffirming to me that this is in fact more than just a team.

They say they don’t need recognition. It’s just something they do. 


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The student news site of Canfield High School.
Showcasing Our Best… Swim and Dive