Cardinal poll reveals students’ preferred ways of communicating

A new poll conducted by The Cardinal revealed the ways in which Canfield High School students interact with each other, information, and their own student news outlet. 

Students from all grades were surveyed online between February 24 and March 3; 115 students responded to the poll that was available to all students. 

 43% of respondents said they “Never” watch, read, or listen to content on the CHS student news website, The Cardinal, while 37% said they “Never” watch the student news program, The Show, on YouTube. 

Students seem to prefer getting their news via social media, as 66% of students said that one of their most common sources of local or national news is Instagram. Instagram was the most frequent response to the question regarding students’ most common sources of news; 40% said they commonly use YouTube as a news source. 

Local and national news broadcasts do maintain relative popularity amongst students, as 45% claim to watch local news broadcasts and 41% watch national news broadcasts. 

There is a disconnect between the kinds of social interactions students view as valuable versus the kinds of interactions they actually have. 

While most respondents, 92%, said that “the best way to get to know someone and better understand someone’s views or feelings” is through face-to-face interactions, 56% of respondents also said that “about half of my interactions with other students are through text or social media” and 14% said that “most of their interactions” with fellow students occurred via social media or text.