Covid-19 continues to affect CHS music programs

In Canfield High School, one place where you are sure to hear plenty of students enjoying their day is in the band and choir wing. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the music doesn’t seem to ring as loud anymore.

Due to policies set in place to help combat the pandemic, many safety precautions had to be set into place to keep everyone safe, while also allowing students the opportunity to keep making music to their full potential.

According to Mr. Scurich, the choir director at Canfield, he says, “Firstly, we have been blessed with more 

opportunities than some, and remain grateful that Canfield students have experienced in-person music making since

September.  With that stated, challenges remain, and modifications have been necessary, which include social distancing among performers, and the requirement to wear (special) masks.”

These modifications have also affected band members as well.

Band director Mr. Kelly says that, “We are socially distance in the band room for about five and a half feet from left to right and we’re about 5 feet from front to back. We’ve had to order instrument bell covers for all the brass instruments… We used to share folders, but we no longer do that. Everybody has their own folder with their own music so that has kind of doubled our work.”

Another consequence of Covid-19 safety precautions is that in person concerts have been replaced by recordings instead.

In regards to these recordings, Mr. Scurich said, “one final concern remains:  not having the opportunity to perform for live audiences.  We look forward to the day of singing without masks, and singing for our families, friends, and members of the community.”

While things may look bleak because of all the changes and struggles that have gone on during this school year, Mr. Kelly had some encouraging words about those who are taking this pandemic head-on: “having said all that I think the band students have done an incredible job rising to the occasion in overcoming these challenges and obstacles so I’m very proud of all the students especially our seniors for your best foot forward… I think that this class has had to take the brunt of this much much worse than the group of last year and I just think you guys have handled it marvelous.”