Local ladies battling poverty through national organization


Grace Rosko, Junior Contributor

In America, 21% of children live in poverty, and the rate has only increased since 2006. However, creators of the non-profit organization Welcome Baby USA have taken it upon themselves to make a change. 

A little over two years ago, Co- founders, Juliet Fuisz and Sarah Steinhart, were inspired to start a non- profit in hopes of reaching out to expecting mothers who live below the poverty line. Their organization provides women with the resources to help raise their newborn through the first four weeks of life. 

The idea to begin this operation spurted from Fuisz and Steinhart’s own pregnancies. When talking with Fuisz she stated, “I had a very difficult pregnancy, and my labor was extremely painful and frightening. It took longer than expected to heal, and being a first- time mom did not exactly help.” 

Welcome Baby USA started in New York, and after Fuisz moved to Ohio with her husband and her daughter; she did not hesitate to continue to grow the organization. As of now, the non- profit sends packages to NYU Langone, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partners in New York; and to Mahoning County Board of Health, and Mercy Health in Ohio. 

Many may ask, “Why the first four weeks of life?”

Fuisz responded, “There is nothing more delicate and difficult than the first four weeks after delivery, when babies and mothers are navigating stressful, uncharted territory without support or resources.”

Welcome Baby USA packages directly address the concerns of a newborn and mother; and is a great organization for mothers who are struggling. 

Recently, Fuisz and Steinhart have been working hard for the non-profit to link up with some well- known maternity and baby companies.

Fuisz said, “Our organization is so blessed to have companies willing to invest time and work on collaborations with us.”

Welcome Baby USA has just secured a partnership with Hatch, a high-end maternity company, and they have graciously sent goods for they expecting mothers.

As with any non- profit organization, they are always looking for donations. If you are interested in helping, Welcome Baby USA is always looking for: regular cash donations to purchase their specific needs, any baby supplies that people may no longer need- either new or gently used, clothing size newborn- 3 months, swaddle blankets, hats, socks, blankets, mittens, baby carriers, grooming kits, diapers size newborn- 3 months. However, on their website, https://welcomebabyusa.org/our-mission-1 , they have a tab for cash donations. Every single cent counts for them, and just $15 can provide a newborn with diapers for a month. They also have baby shower cards that you can give a mother in need to make the package more personal; or they have Halloween coloring cards for purchase. 

Welcome Baby USA is a new and fast growing non- profit organization. Their overall message and mission is truly amazing, and having this program local; provides a sense of hope for expecting mothers in need.