Senior Beil hears music in her future


Camryn Heldreth, Senior Contributor

Music transcends generations, connecting people while also allowing them to find their own identities within their favorite genres. For teenagers today, some of the most popular genres are pop, rock, and alternative.

Where does classical music rank? In a recent poll conducted at Canfield High School, only 4% of students considered it to be their favorite type of music.

For senior Rachel Beil, though, that seemingly unpopular genre is very powerful.  

Beil said, “Every piece has a different story that is told through the orchestration. Even the reasons as to why a certain instrument plays a certain line is meaningful. For example, Shostakovich wrote many of his symphonies about the Cold War in Russia, and you can hear the traumas he faced through the music. You just can’t find that level of emotion and meaning in other genres of music.”

Classical music is different than almost any other genre, defined not by vocals but the instruments, making it breathtaking to listen to. This genre is powerful, as it makes you feel the music through the notes played not by the words sung.

Beil’s love for this music inspired her study it in college.

“I decided to go into music the summer after my sophomore year, when I started to join honors ensembles and give more of my time to music.”

The diversity of music allows each person to find their niche within the different genres. It is a powerful tool for self expression, for connecting people, and for some, it is the foundation for how they see and understand the world.

Beil concluded, “Music has already given me extensive opportunities to travel and experience new things, and I am excited to enter college doing what I love.”