New safety measures take effect at CHS

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New safety measures take effect at CHS

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Canfield High School is a proud school, and it always appears to be very passionate about their students, but this year they have gone farther than ever to ensure student safety.

These precautionary measures include emphasis of A.L.I.C.E. – alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate – training, installation of stop signs and incorporation of color-coded passes.

On these changes, Assistant Principal Mr. Shields said, “This year, safety has improved because we have tried to implement more A.L.I.C.E. training. Students know about things a lot quicker than we do, so incorporating them has helped. Safety has improved a little bit when compared to previous years.”

These safety measures give students greater responsibility and restrict previous freedoms such as going freely to the media center and going to the nurse without a special pass. On top of that, students can only enter and exit through the main entrance during school hours.

Stop signs were installed with the intention of preventing students from sneaking out of the school building, but also to prevent dangerous intruders from getting in. The stop signs are programmed to set off an auditory alarm if someone enters or exits through a prohibited door.

Sophomore Abby Stilson commented on how these precautionary measures have changed the school’s environment: “These precautionary measures are good for school safety; however, last year I remember the environment feeling more free such that you could go to the media center before class to print classwork without needing special color-coded passes.”

Another concern among the student body was that perhaps these safety measures were excessive.

Senior Valentino Corbisello said,  “No, because the extra security measures can be useful in terms of keeping intruders out and keeping students in.”

Valentino and Abby also commented on whether they believe students are given too much, too little or just enough freedom. Valentino felt as though “students are given just enough freedom,” while Abby feels that the amount of freedom given walks a fine line between “too little and just enough freedom.”

Issues of safety and freedom are subjective. Throughout history, people have seen differently what freedom and security should look like. These clashes of ideas sometimes lead to nothing, while others lead to revolutions. But regardless of what one believes, statistics have shown that the levels of gun violence in schools has reached a peak. In 2018, there were 94 gun violence incidents in schools, according to data from the US Naval Postgraduate School – that is a record high since 1970, which is as far back as the data goes.

This drastic uptick in gun violence, along with students’ and families’ demand for increased safety, backs why Canfield’s administration has made changes and improvements to security and tracking of students.

Canfield’s administration, to this point, has been responsive to students needs and concerns. Only time will tell if these new measures will lead to long-term safety.