Red dead

Ben Cutrer, Senior Contributor

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Red Redemption Ⅱ was released October 26th and saw huge success making $750 million in 3 days and claiming the highest opening weekend. It was also the most ordered full game in the history of Play Station’s digital storefront. Red Dead Redemption Ⅱ has claimed the title of the second highest grossing entertainment launch of all time behind G.T.A. IV which is another Rockstar game. At the 2018 Game Awards Red Dead Redemption Ⅱ won best Narrative game of the year and awards for audio design and soundtrack. Sadly it did not win game of the year but Rockstar brought home 3 game awards this year for their latest hit game. This game has seen great reviews from big gaming companies such as IGN , Metacritic, and Gamespot. Getting Ten out of Ten from IGN and a 97%/100% from both Metacritic and Gamespot.


Recently the online beta has just been released, getting rolled out first to players who purchased the deluxe edition, then the following day to players who pre ordered, third day to players who bought on release and finally the fourth day to players who bought it anytime after release. The online beta features free roam, posse, which is a way to play with your online friends, showdown series and online missions. The posse is a way for you to join up with friends and play multiplayer together, do missions together and play showdown series. The showdown series is online multiplayer games such as racing, team deathmatch and many others. Some features to the online beta is its customization for your character and weapon select, which is very similar to GTA IV multiplayer. Lastly the online beta  features an online story mode which you can do with friends or 3 other queued up randoms. The online story is very short but offers a great way to earn money.


Story mode on Red Dead Redemption Ⅱ consists of over 65 hours of story mode game-play. The story surrounds main character Arthur Morgan and his gang doing train robberies, heists, escaping the law and all in all trying to get back to their hometown Blackwater. The main story is six chapters long with two epilogue chapters playing as John Marston who was the main character in the first series game Red Dead Redemption. After completing the main story you can complete the game fully by completing the hunting and fishing challenges, the stranger quests and many other things. Red Dead Redemption Ⅱ is a fantastic game with great visuals, cinematic, story line, and overall experience when playing, If you have not yet played it, go out and pick up the game for a lengthy and enjoyable experience worth every dollar.

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