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Brennen Klingensmith, Senior Contributor

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The wait is finally over for Marvel fans across the globe.  After a long eight month wait since the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, the trailer for the fourth Avengers installment was released on Friday, December 7th.  The premiere of the trailer was so anticipated by fans worldwide it hit a global record for the most views for a movie trailer in its first 24 hours — a total of 289 million views.  The movie will be titled: Avengers: Endgame, which was revealed at the end of the trailer.  If you have yet to see any previous Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie (MCU) including Avengers: Infinity War, be warned spoilers are ahead.

Last April Avengers: Infinity War, the third installment of the Avengers franchise, was released.  The ending of the film was a major shock to a majority of fans, for they were not expecting the main antagonist, Thanos, to finish his master plan of collecting all infinity stones and killing off half the universe.  Thanos action resulted in many of the Avengers to fade into dust and vanish, leaving behind a major question to the fans who viewed the film: are the Avengers that vanished dead or alive?

To begin answering this question, the beginning of the new trailer shows Tony Stark (Iron Man) on the verge of death as he drifts into space on the Guardians of the Galaxy spacecraft.  As he is in the spacecraft it seems as Tony is leaving a message or distress call for his fiance Pepper Potts in case he dies. Tony quotes, “part of the journey is the end”. Many fans believe this is the end of a legacy for Iron Man.

The trailer actually shows another possible loss of a Marvel character instead of leading fans toward finding answers if others will be revived.  After the original scene the trailer shows the remaining Avengers and how they are coping with their overwhelmed emotions knowing Thanos killed half of the universe and majority of their friends. Many theories are circling throughout the internet about possible outcomes, though.  The two most popular theories are wether the Avengers are actually dead and will be brought back to life using time travel or they are all trapped inside the soul stone on Thanos gauntlet.

The time travel theory arose after the most recent release for a MCU movie, Ant Man and Wasp.  Many fans speculate that the remaining Avengers can use time travel within the quantum realm in order to stop Thanos based on its use in this film.  Ant Man, who is seen in the new trailer, verifies to fans that he is able to leave exit the quantum on his own because the movie ends with him stuck in this setting.  Since it appears he is able to manipulate the realm, fans theorizing that his knowledge on the quantum realm can help the Avengers time travel and save the rest of the universe.

Fans have also theorized a possibility that all the souls are trapped in the soul stone on Thanos’ infinity gauntlet.  Many fans theorize this due to the scene in Infinity War when Thanos retrieves the soul stone and talks to a younger Gamora in what seems to be inside the soul stone.  The setting in which they speak is all orange: the same color as the stone, allowing fans to theorize that half the universe is trapped in the stone.

No matter the outcome of what has occurred, all of the Avengers and their allies fate may be revealed in the upcoming release of the new Spider-Man movie: Spider-Man: Far From Home This film is set to release July 5, 2019.  Since Spider-Man is one of the Avengers who is lost at Thanos’ hand, it would not make any sense to release a Spider-Man movie if he is actually dead.      

The highly anticipated film is expected to blow up in the box office and be a major success for the MCU.  The film is set to release April 26, 2019.

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